//3D printer is ready for your customized lighting requirement

3D printer is ready for your customized lighting requirement

Great news, to provide us fast customized solution, Brandon imported the 3D printer, so we can make the samples quickly.

So what’s the benifit of 3D printing in the lighting industry?

The light fixture manufacturing industry covers a wide range of lighting products, from the brightest of industrial fixtures to decorative commercial lighting. While considered a rather conventional industry, lighting is in the midst of a “real revolution,”  according to 3D printed who believe that the well-known advantages of additive manufacturing—including reduced lead times and unprecedented customization—are perfectly accentuated in light manufacturing, as it just so happens that most of the materials needed are 3D printer-friendly.
A great manufacturing change is about to happen in the lighting industry, which is commonly known as a rather ‘conventional’ industry from its origin. Functional prototypes of lighting components but also entire fixtures can now be printed straight from a designer’s computer.

It becomes just a matter of conversing a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) file into real parts with one push on the ‘print’ button. In just one step you go from CAD to product.

there are two major advantages of 3D printing in the lighting industry: Speed and Customization.

Watch the video how our 3D printer work?

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