//Eaton annouce the price increase from Oct 1st 2018

Eaton annouce the price increase from Oct 1st 2018

Date: August 10, 2018
To: Eaton Wiring Devices Electrical Partner
Copy: Eaton Sales & Marketing Personnel
Subject: Price Increase Announcemen
Rising material/ transportation costs and significant changes in tariffs continue to impact our business and our entire industry. Therefore, Eaton’s Wiring Device business will be implementing a price increase effective October 1, 2018. We recognize the challenging market conditions and have made all efforts to minimize the increases.
The increases apply to all customer categories including OEM, Retail,US Domestic Export, End Users, Contractors, and Distribution. Actual increases will vary from 4 to 12% depending on the product segment and product type, and will follow the below structure:
• The increases will be applied to all Residential, Commercial & Industrial product families for both stock and SPA pricing
•New Price Files will be made available to your primary sales contact on or before September 17, 2018.

We will be freezing all changes to Stock Pricing and Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) between August 13th and September 21st 2018. We will continue to price new opportunities as normal during this time.

Orders placed prior to October 1, 2018 for immediate delivery of stock items will be billed at current prices. Eaton Wiring Devices retains the right to limit order quantities based on historical ordering patterns. Orders entered on or after October 1, 2018 will be invoiced at the new price levels. Previously quoted projects will be honored as per the originally quoted terms and conditions. Effective October 1, 2018, all new quotations will be issued using the new prices.
We appreciate your support of this increase and continued ef forts to promote and sell Eaton products and services. If you have questions concerning the price increase, please contact your Eaton Account Manager.
Will Green
Vice President of Sales
Residential and Wiring Devices Division
Greg Nailler
Marketing Director
Residential and Wiring Devices Division

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