//Eligibility of Color-Tunable Products

Eligibility of Color-Tunable Products

What’s the Color-Tunable Product?

Color-Tunable products are defined as products whose Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) can be adjusted via an input control of any type and whose chromaticity approximately follows the blackbody locus, providing white light at all input configurations. For this purpose, white light is defined as chromaticity coordinates within the twenty, 7-step quadrangles of ANSI C78.377-2017 Basic and Extended Specifications. Products supplying colored light (i.e. those capable of generating color points with Duv magnitudes beyond the limits of the ANSI Extended specification, also known as Full Color-Tunable) are outside the scope of these requirements and ineligible for listing at this time. White-Tunable products must utilize a control interface or multiple interface options clearly described in the product literature that allow for at least two CCT settings. These may be continuously-variable inputs such as a 0-10V DC signal, an established protocol such as DALI or DMX, a proprietary control signal, setting options described in terms of CCT such as 3000K or 5000K, or simple descriptive terms such as ‘Night’ or ‘Day’.

Eligibility of Color-Tunable Products

Two types of products are eligible for listing as Color-Tunable:

  1. White-Tunable products have a control signal specifically for adjusting CCT while maintaining nominally constant lumen output. These products may include a second, independent dimming control. White-Tunable products include both “white-white” products that combine the output of 2 LED primaries, and products with 3 or more white and/or RGB LED primaries, so long as they only produce white light as characterized above in response to their control signal.
  2. Warm-Dimming products have a single input which controls both color temperature and lumen output, lowering the values of both concurrently, most typically to mimic the color temperature shift of incandescent dimming. Products that require on an external control system to coordinate dimming and warming color temperature are not eligible.

To be eligible for QPL listing, Color-Tunable products must meet either White-Tunable or Warm-Dimming requirements.


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