//General Coverage Solution for Tube Lamp

General Coverage Solution for Tube Lamp

General Coverage Solution for Tube Lamp
Style LED Luminaire Designs

UL offers a fast and flexible path to obtain UL Safety Certification for LED Surface-mounted and
Recessed luminaire designs that incorporate the use of LED tube lamps.


Manufacturers of fluorescent linear tube lamp style luminaires have been exploring ways to incorporate LED lamp technology into their existing fluorescent luminaire designs, and have expressed interest in a flexible UL Safety Certification service similar to what they have enjoyed through UL for their fluorescent tube lamp style luminaires. UL recognizes the increasing demand for these types of luminaires in the marketplace, as well as the Safety Certification needs expressed by luminaire manufacturers making this type of product. As a result, UL has designed a General Coverage Safety Certification service that offers excellent flexibility to luminaire manufacturers wanting to build luminaires employing LED tube lamps.


LED tube lamps offer a convenient solution to luminaire manufacturers that have been in business for many years building fluorescent Surface-mounted and Recessed luminaires that are designed to use T12, T8 and T5 fluorescent tube lamps. Through a very simple manufacturing process, fluorescent tube lamp luminaire designs can be converted from fluorescent light source technology to LED light source technology using a UL Classified LED Retrofit Conversion Kit of a type that includes either line voltage connected LED tube lamps having internal LED Drivers or, low voltage LED tube lamps and a separate LED Driver, or by leveraging the new ANSI G6.6 T-LED fit system. Through the unique combination of the UL Listed fluorescent Surface-mounted and Recessed fluorescent tube lamp luminaire designs and the factory installation of a UL Classified LED retrofit Conversion kit containing LED tube lamps or ANSI G6.6 T-LED fit system, the need to conduct a temperature test on the completed luminaire is eliminated. Because of this, Surface-mounted and Recessed luminaires built at the factory using a UL Classified LED Retrofit kits or ANSI G6.6 T-LED fit systems are eligible for UL Listing under UL‘s General Coverage program, similar to what is offered by UL for fluorescent Surface-mounted and Recessed tube lamp designs. Cost Effective and Time Saving
This approach to UL Safety Certification for LED surface-mounted and Recessed luminaires employing LED tube lamps offers a unique cost effective solution to luminaire manufacturers by recognizing flexibility in product design and by helping get products to market quickly.

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