Top Hexagon lights fixture shopping guide 2022

Due to the natural geometry of the hexagon, which is often found in nature (honeycombs, snowflakes), it was possible to design the lamp visually particularly delicate. Almost fragile, it floats above the heads, but is still stable. By the complete renunciation of ornamentation or further stabilizing elements a lamp was created, which is reduced to the essential: the light! Our Hexagon lamps achieve a special effect when they are arranged in groups. Thus, the lighting effect can be individually adjusted already with the suspension.

In a contemporary design language comes TheX – The Hexagon.
The special geometry, which comes closest to a circle (TheO), succeeds in designing the luminaire to be visually particularly delicate.Almost fragile, it floats above the heads and yet is stable and torsionally rigid. The complete absence of ornamentation or other stabilizing structures creates another luminaire that is reduced to the essentials: light.

Fluorescent in another most beautiful form: Hexagon.

TheX is suitable for lighting public spaces and squares, offices, meeting rooms. However, TheX is also highly recommended for use in living rooms at home. Even a simple wall mounting is possible.

The Hexagon achieves a special effect when arranged in groups. Thus, the lighting effect can be individually adjusted already with the suspension. Of course, we deliver TheX according to customer requirements in all common light colors of 2700, 3000, 3500 4000K and also with RGBW LEDs. By panel or remote condition, the luminosity and the light color can thus be adjusted for each individual luminaire. From cool blue to activating red tones, the room mood can be influenced flexibly.

DECO HEX-Hexagon lights linear pendant

Deco Lighting is an advanced-technology LED lighting company that delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for the architectural and energy markets. We design and develop LED solutions that deliver superior quality, great energy-efficiencies, and smart system connectivity. Deco’s goal is to serve everyone from designers to electricians with a strong list of beautiful and sustainable luminaires. Deco Lighting’s commitment to quality is the driving force behind our innovative foundation, allowing us to continue to create fixtures that will shape today’s industry and beyond.

Hexagon lights supplier

The Vector Hex is a 2 7/16” wide ambient linear architectural luminaire. Featuring a slim profile and robust construction, it provides a bold, design-driven lighting solution for modern offices, themed public areas, laboratories, libraries, and other indoor spaces. The Hex is available in standard widths of 4’, 5’, and 7’ (measured edge to edge) with a range of lumen packages and color temperatures available, including 5-Channel Color Tuning

PURE Edge-Hexagon linear suspended light

PureEdge Lighting has developed architectural LED lighting tools that empower you to not only design your space but also the fixtures you envision. Modern, innovative, and personalized, PureEdge Lighting’s latest developments defy the boundaries of traditional lighting to allow for a design that is truly your own.
Philosophies Merge to Create Stunning Innovation and Personalization in Lighting
PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion. PureEdge Lighting innovations redefine the relationship between lighting and interior design.
Minimalist fixtures that blend seamlessly into the drywall and become part of the Architecture.
Expressive surface mounted or suspended fixtures.
Hexagon linear suspended light

The combination of clean, linear channels to make a geometric design is what makes the Nova MIYO (Make-It-Your-Own) Up/Down Hexagon LED Suspension so distinct. The fixture features both direct and indirect light with individual, or tandem, dimming control. Offered in 10 or 12 watts per foot, up to 95+ CRI, and features a white diffused flat lens with a 100° beam spread for the down-light, and the up-light comes with Clear Frosted Lens with 60° beam spread. Our MIYO family fixtures and systems allow you to become the Lighting Designer; offered in multiple finishes, nine color temperatures including Warm Dim (27D and 30D), and lengths from 20″ to 44″ with up to 95+CRI rendering colors in their truest forms, giving you the ability to design the perfect fixture for any space. Order NSUDP with power supplies included in the Canopy or NSUDP with remote power supplies sold separately. Fixture includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty


Hex LED Chandelier

Sister to the Hex Brass LED Pendant, the Resident Hex LED Chandelier offers a simple, yet elegant ceiling light for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Its hexagonal design is made from aluminum channel with a warm, white LED light source and a recessed poly prismatic diffuser. This fixture is a wonderfully modern alternative to contemporary pendants and will be sure to elevate the aesthetic of your living space while illuminating the surrounding area in a warm, inviting light.

Clean lines, minimal materials and simple forms belie the amount of work that goes into creating objects that appear so uncomplicated. There is an art to such balance, and Resident’s stable of solely New Zealand designers (“people we know and whose work we admire”) are invested in a number of disciplines. Artists, architects and, yes, designers, employ a multitude of mediums in the creation of the studio’s exquisitely engineered craftwork, from glass to carbon fiber, metals to ceramics.

Hexagon LED lights-Mercury lighting

Mercury Architectural Lighting is the new branding we’ve given for the exciting new line of architectural linear LED products. Engineered in house and manufactured in our new state-of-the-art machine facility, we are proudly “Made in the USA.”

From our early roots, established in 1946, Mercury Lighting has always been recognized for quality and service. Today we add to that innovation and design.

In addition to the Mercury Architectural Lighting line, the original Mercury Lighting line is relevant with today’s essential LED products. Seamlessly blended together, one company under the same roof with talented and dedicated people are manufacturing the most comprehensive collection of LED lighting products.

mercury lighting hexagon fixture

Lighting designer wanted a custom-sized hexagon shaped luminaire employing the latest LED technology for offices at Pearson TI.

Mercury Architectural was called upon to further develop this idea.

Presented to our seasoned engineering staff, ideas and drawings were developed. Precise measurements and hanging methods were established. Lighting level calculations would need to be qualified so expected performance would be met. Hexagon shape was milled and fabricated in our machining center, assembled, wired and pre-checked by our skilled hands in our production facility, and finally packaged with tender care to ensure its safe arrival at the job site.

HEXAGON fixture-MillLED

hexagon pendant lights

The luminaire can be applied as a surface mounted and pendant and also can be used both for decoration and lighting purposes. Flexible lighting designs thanks to the possibility of creating different combinations. DKP steel body cools the LED chips used to keep them at the optimum temperature level and extends the life of the luminaire.

OSRAM / Samsung LED chip and OSRAM / Tridonic / Meanwell driver are used.

Hexagon Mesh-Intra lighting

hexagon mesh pendant (1)

With Hexagon, the magic starts by using basic shapes and joining them together into a net like composition that works best as a secondary ceiling. It’s the perfect pick for all those projects that are more than functional and attract attention with its distinct look.
But not only that… Hexagon is a luminaire that offers far more! It does not only guarantee high quality general illumination but also gives you creative space to make it as big and as bold as you want.

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