China is one of the major producers and has a solid list of business associates that can deliver the greatest lighting experience at an affordable price. This makes China one of the top providers of lighting.
Most of the people outside china want to buy the high quality acoustic lights but they are not sure about the procedure. In this in-depth guide, we will discuss how to import acoustic lights from china.

How to Import Acoustic Lights from China

So, how do you buy lights from China? This is the thing that worries importers the most.
Here is a detailed guide by Brandon lighting.

1. Find out more

Before you look for a lighting supplier in China, you should do your research and see how much your local suppliers charge. You can then compare their products and prices with those of Chinese suppliers. Your research will show that Chinese LED lights are at least 50% cheaper than those from your local LED suppliers. This is the main reason why business people want to buy LED lights from China so much. Make a list of the types of LED lights you want to buy from China based on the information you have gathered.
Check with the right government agencies before you finish your list to see if any of the items on it are banned or need a special test for the lights. Make sure that the suppliers you pick can meet all the requirements for importing.


2. Surfing the Web

Going to China to meet possible LED manufacturers can be expensive and hard to do. You might not know much about China either, in which case you might not know where to look for a reliable supplier. Online is the best place to look. This is the fastest and least expensive way to find a trustworthy supplier.
Your first choice is Google. You just need to type a clear description of the kind of lights you want to find. Add “China” to your search to narrow it down to suppliers in China. You have to be specific in your search so that you can find the exact group of suppliers you want. If you want to find solar lights, for example, type “solar LED China.” . They have the most complete list of products and suppliers made in China and can put you in touch with thousands of China suppliers.

How to Import Acoustic Lights from China

3. Trade shows

There are many big trade shows all over the world that show off products made in China. Many Chinese companies that make lights show off their products and catalogs so that potential customers can find out about them without having to go to China. If you go to these trade shows, you’ll be able to find reliable China suppliers. You will be able to meet their representatives in person and ask them questions about the buying process, such as how to get a sample, how to pay, and how to get your order. You can also see their products in person at these trade shows. More importantly, you will be able to meet suppliers and learn about their business so you don’t get ripped off. Expo Canton (Fair for Imports and Exports from China) It’s China’s biggest trade show. It’s China’s biggest and longest trade show. It’s twice yearly
in Guangzhou (previously Canton). Since 1957, this expo has drawn high-quality customers and a focused audience from throughout the globe.

HongKong Lighting fair
LED lighting manufacturer

4. Go to China

People often ask us for e-catalogs of lights when they get in touch with us. We would usually send them a few to choose from. But I have to say that the catalogs aren’t big enough. If you don’t go to China, you’ll never know there are thousands of lighting shops you can visit and compare at the same time. Pictures and videos can never show what real quality is like. As I said before, a copy is a common thing here. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why prices vary so much when the designs look the same. China is the best place to go. Seeing is believing.

Why should you buy from China?

China has a lot of companies that make lights. Their products are beautiful and always of high quality, but they are not very expensive. From what we’ve seen in the past, the price in China is not more than 30% of the price in other countries. Because of these things, most international buyers find it very appealing to buy lights from China.
Importing lights from China isn’t easy, but if you do your research, you’ll find that if you do it right, it can be a very profitable business move.

Why You Should Purchase Chinese Lights

1. A lower cost
The Chinese are experts in manufacturing on a massive scale. Chinese factories have better-organized assembly lines than those in any other country. Moreover, Chinese factories may undercut their international rivals on price without sacrificing quality.

2. Simple in Construction and Assembly
When you purchase the lights from China, they come disassembled but the process of putting them together at home is fairly simple. Simple installation makes it pretty convenient.

3. Lovely designs
Today’s houses demand fashionable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lighting. Most homeowners increasingly concentrate on materials and aesthetics over ambiance and mood lighting. Chinese producers have designed gorgeous lighting fixtures for any house. Chinese lighting fixtures are more creative and elegant. However, it does exist. Many providers may create the same designs as some recognized brands for less. Many importers prioritize this.

4. Advanced Manufacturing
Most Chinese lighting fixture makers partner with high-tech businesses to create modern manufacturing. This apparatus increases production efficiency, generating more quality lighting per man-hour. After a 30%-50% deposit, manufacturing takes 7-15 days. This is faster than furniture, cabinets, sanitary goods, etc.

5. Investment-worthy
China’s lighting fixtures have the greatest designs and specs and are made using cutting-edge technology. They add value to investment homes (house’s other soul).


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