Brief introduction of Sharkward Motion Sensor

Sharkward is a manufacturer which is most professional in energy savings since 2008. Sharkward offer a good variety of products to their customers, including without limitation: Microwave sensors, Pir sensors, dimming sensors, ceiling sensors, wall sensor switches, High Bay sensors, sensor lamps, dimming sensor lamps, emergency sensor lamps etc. which always meet the standard of ISO9001:2000 QMS,TUV,CE, SGS,EMC and ROHS, and are exported worldwide to EU, USA, Canada, Asia, Japan and South-East Asia etc.

Their Partners are big or small lighting wholesalers, retailers and LED factories. Sharkward always meet different requests about technology, packing and delivery time from different clients.

The Sensor products Sharkward offers

1.Passive Infrared (PIR)
Passive Infrared (PIR) is the most popular and widely applied sensing technology in the market today. The PIR sensor senses the presence and motions of occupant by detecting the change of infrared energy emitted from a warm object (human body or vehicle) in motion and the background space. Every PIR sensor is equipped with an optical device, generally a plastic lens with multiple segments called Fresnel lens, to collect the infrared energy emitted by the occupant to the infrared sensing component.

The Fresnel lens divides the detection coverage into multiple zones corresponding to the respective segments.PIR sensor requires an unobstructed line-of-sight for effective operation, therefore sensing performance is subject to the relative position between sensor and occupant. PIR sensors are more sensitive to the movements across the detection zones than toward or away the sensors. In general, the closer the occupant is to the sensor,the better the sensor could detect minor motion

PIR sensor
microwave sensor


High Frequency Doppler technology senses the presence and motions of occupant by detecting the frequency shift bounced back from a moving object. The operation principle of MV sensor is Doppler Effect which uses high frequency radio waves 5.8GHz to detect the object movement. The MV sensor does not require openings on the front cover like conventional ultrasonic sensor, which have been considered negative factors for interior décor,sensor operation,high moisture application, vandalism prevention,and facility management.

MV sensors are better at detecting minor motions (e.g. typing, reading) and do not require an unobstructed line-of-sight placement like PIR sensors,thus making them more suitable for applications such as an ffice with partitions,a library with cubicles or a restroom with stalls.

Among Sharkward motion sensor, the microwave sensor is the most one Brandon lighting used in the linear fixture products.

.Ultrasonic Sensor(UTS)

Ultrasonic sensors emit an inaudible sound pattern and then “read” the reflection. This sound is above the range of human hearing. A break in the pattern caused by any motion in the area triggers the control. Ultrasonic sensors can “see” around obstructions and are best for areas with cabinets and shelving,restrooms and open areas requiring 360-degree coverage

Sharkward Ultrasonic Sensor

The introduction of Sharkward Motion Sensor products

Introduction of the hot seller BRI-810-B-D microwave sensor

Line Voltage Microwave bi-level sensor

BRl810-B-D  is a moving object  senso「 that  can detect  range of 360。and  it’ s working frequency is 5. 8GHz. The advantage of this product is stable working state (stable working temperature: -40。C叶70。C), BRl810-B adopts a microwave sensor(high-frequency  output<0.2mW), so that it is safe and pe斤 rms better than infrared sensor.

The microwave sensor to achieve tri-level dimming control, for same areas that require a light change notice before switch off.

If offers 3 levels of the light Control : 100%–dimming light (0, 10%,30%,50%)–off;and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion hold-time and stand-by time. Selectable daylight threshold and choice of detection area.

Power supply 120-277VAC
Maximum load

@ -40。F – +158。F (-40。c +10。C)

Resistive/Tungsten – 600W@120V

Ballast Electronic (LED) – 800/1200VA@120/277V

HF System 5.8GHz CW
Dim control cutout 0-1OV max. 25mA sinkina current
Detection radius/anale Max 26ft.(8m) /360 。
Mounting height Max 20ft
Humidity Max. 95% RH
Temperature -40。F – +158。F (-40。c +10。C)