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LED Linear Surface Luminaire

Brandon Cambridge modern fully enclosed surface luminaire with curved low profile appearance. This is a widely used style of fitting within the educational sector and hostipal. This Cambridge family is designed to match traditional fluorescent footprint and output. Perfect for retrofitting or new projects. Available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm variants, a wide range of lumen outputs as well as dimming and emergency options the Graduate LED can be tailored for use in applications ranging from classrooms and hospital wards through to corridors and stairwells. The Cambridge LED is suitable for installation on conduit, surface mounting or suspension and can be offered with integral microwave sensors for additional energy savings. For healthcare applications a nightlight can be specified to provide low level lighting during rest periods.

Can we buy the empty casting to build our own LEDs? YES, Customized


  • Steel housing powder-painted white.
  • Robust diffuser with screw retained end caps to help protect against the rigors of school environments.
  • Integral gear tray ensures minimal visibility of components when lit and allows for simple installation and maintenance.
  • High efficiency frosted polycarbonate diffuser unique allows optimum light output ratio whilst ensuring excellent
    diffusion of the LED source


  • Multiple BESA mounting points (matches traditional fluorescent)
  • Uniform light distribution eliminates hot spots
  • Reliable LED technology − maintenance free
  • Opal diffuser for wide beam distribution Secured end caps
  • Gear options including DALI and emergency available
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Effcacy: >120lm/w
  • CCT White Tunable(35K, 40K, 50K)
  • Built-in Motion Sensor

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    Technical data:

    1200mm Version

    • Model: MX464-LD40WDD-1200

    • Dimension: 1190x208x70mm

    • Voltage: 220-240V

    • Power Factor: >0.92

    • Power: 40W/50W

    • Efficacy: 120lm/w

    • CCT: 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K, 55K

    • Beam Angel: 120°

    • LED Lifetime: 50,000H

    1500mm Version

    • Model: MX464-LD50WDD-1500

    • Dimension: 1490x208x70mm

    • Voltage: 220-240V

    • Power Factor: >0.92

    • Power: 50W/60W

    • Efficacy: 120lm/w

    • CCT: 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K, 55K

    • Beam Angel: 120°

    • LED Lifetime: 50,000H

    1800mm Version

    • Model: MX464-LD70WDD-1800

    • Dimension: 1790x208x70mm

    • Voltage: 220-240V

    • Power Factor: >0.92

    • Power: 70W

    • Efficacy: 120lm/w

    • CCT: 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K, 55K

    • Beam Angel: 120°

    • LED Lifetime: 50,000H

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    LED Vaportight

    Brandon LED vaportight series is an energy-efficient harsh environment LEDvaportight series designed to operate in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications that require a watertight seal. Tight fixture line features four foot and two foot products for replacement and new construction, providing equivalent lumen packages to current fluorescent solutions with significantly higher efficacy and reduced cost of ownership


    • Made of  100% Virgin Polycarbonate
    • High efficacy 140LPW
    • Multiple wattage 25W, 40W, 60W and 75W
    • Integrated Emergency battery backup
    • Integrated bi-level dimming sensor

    LED Intelligent Wrap

    This LED Wrap is an intelligent quick release design, practical and more aesthetically pleasing solution for any utility lighting application. It has an integrated smart sensor technology and provides sophisticated stand along lighting control without the need for additional wiring or complicated installation


    • Made of  robust extruded aluminum housing
    • High efficacy 135LPW
    • Multiple length in 2ft&3ft&4ft&8ft
    • Integrated emergency backup
    • Integrated bi-level dimming sensor
    • Press button for quick installation
    • Lens open-free for the installation

    LED CCT Turnable Strip

    This LED strip light combines the newest CCT turnable technology which will help you save the stock but still satisfy the client in need of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. This multi-function strip offers the round lens and square lens to meet a variety of applications. Snap-in design makes it tool-less to access the installation and no need to open the lens and end caps.


    • Press design for quick installation
    • No need to open lens and end caps
    • Multiple lengths in 2ft&3ft&4ft and 8ft
    • Round lens and square lens in one body
    • The reflector can be added to expand the application
    • Change the CCT in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K by a switch
    • Continuous run design in line

    Round Lens


    Square  Lens

    LED Linear Architectural

    The architectural linear LED suspension lighting fixtures bring clean lines and clear light to commercial LED or residential lighting interiors. Our sleek, stylish fixtures are highly effective and efficient lighting solutions for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more


    • Made of  robust extruded aluminum housing
    • Screw-free end caps
    • Multiple length in 2ft&3ft&4ft&8ft
    • Continuous runs in line
    • Lit joiner accessories in any shape
    • Surface, Recessed, Suspended
    • Custom color finish
    • Up&Down lighting

    The Corners with chips


    Custom Color Options


    Satisfy your all mounting solution

    Mounting Solution
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    Brandon is committed to advancing solid-state LED technology to make affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lighting and custom graphic products that bring value to our customers. Brandon LED Lighting is a fully-integrated manufacturer of energy efficient LED and fluorescent fixtures including Vaportights, Highbays, Troffers, Surface mounts, Strips, Wraps, Retrofits kits and customized lighting. Since 2008, Brandon Lighting has been leading the way, customizing linear figures to the acclaim of the industry. Today, we are best known for providing the highest quality products in the US market while still excelling in customer service, innovation, and technology

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    Bandon utilizes the latest advances in manufacturing technology that enables us to maximize productivity and flexibility. The laser technology allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range of materials.

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    Brandon highly trained experienced R&D team offers personalized technical support based on individual client’s lighting needs. We can provide photometric layouts(IES) retrofitting services for existing fixture, added features

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    The assembly processes at Brandon Lighting vary slightly depending on what type of LED light fixtures is being built. Usually, the process consists of screw driving components together, functionality testing, safety testing


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