LED recessed linear light shopping guide

LED Recessed linear light is a type of architectural lighting in which linear channels, usually in straight (linear) 2ft, 4ft to 8ft standard sections, can create any desired linear design, which are recessed into the ceiling, wall or floor. The purpose is to accentuate modern residential or commercial architectural features and or provide balanced general lighting. Available in LED lighting technology, linear recessed lighting applicatications.

Focalpoint Seem 2 LED recessed linear light

Focaloint Narrow extruded aluminum 2.5″ aperture recessed slot LED.
Integrates with ceiling or wall in a variety of mounting styles for a clean, unobtrusive aesthetic.
Individual units and continuous runs in 1″ increments.
Frosted acrylic lens provides uninterrupted illumination, without pixels or shadows.
LED position and lens material optimized to provide the perfect blend of high performance and visual comfort.
Connected Solutions: Integrates with wired and wireless building lighting control systems.
Preferred Light: Lighting for better color rendition and human preference.
PoE compatible: Integrates with Power over Ethernet lighting systems via standard, low-voltage wires.


Supports endless run length and ceiling & wall integration possibilities. Trim flange may be installed after drywall provided mounting means have been prepared in advance.

seam 2 led recessed light

Healthcare Recessed linear lighting with symmetric and asymmetric distribution

A recessed linear luminaire with asymmetric and symmetric distribution, HPL synergizes architectural form with multi-modal function. As a step away from bulky, headwall fixtures, HPL is a recessed linear fixture that delivers single and multi-modal functionality for patient rooms, healthcare hallways, common areas, and exam or procedure rooms.
2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths Up to 115 lumens per watt IP64 rating nLight® wired and wireless controls Grid, mud-in flangeless, and drywall flange mounting options

healthcare lighting recessed linear light

Coronet recessed linear led lighting

Coronet The LS Series of architectural luminaires offers a wide range of profiles and mounting options. Custom lengths and patterns are tailored to suit any modern space.
• Extruded recycled aluminum housing
• Aluminum core LED boards, specifi able optics
• Specifi able color temperature. CRI > 90, R9 >50
• Custom lengths, welded patt erns, and fi nishes available
• Integral specifi able dimmable drivers or PoE
• 5 Year, 50,000 hour warrant

coronet led recessed lighting

Glowback 2 Inch drop ceiling recessed lighting

Glowback 4ft LVLBY23 is a 2 Inch wide flush mount linear LED light fixture with a trim (flange) producing 605 lumens/ft making it suitable for general lighting applications. Our 4ft LVLBY23 accepts universal 120-277 or 347VAC Input Voltage allowing one to connect directly to the “line-voltage.” It is available in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures and is dimmable to 1% (0-10V dimming). Our 4ft LVLBY23 can be recessed in dry-wall, solid, or drop ceilings using the provided mounting hardware

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Cooper Recessed Slot Linear Series

The CL recessed linear lighting series by Corelite provides clean lines of light with a simple easy-to-use design. Offered in 2″ and 4″ width linear apertures with trims to fit 5 different ceiling types, the CL slot lighting series is ideal for a variety of architectural environments. Offered in 4′, 8′, and 4′ incremental continuous row lengths, the CL series provides uniform illumination while also reducing energy costs using Cooper Lighting’s most advanced linear LED technology. The slot lighting has integrated sensor configuration options allow for even greater energy savings while providing cost-effective code-compliance for both retrofit and new installs. The Corelite CL series is ideal for office, education, hospitality, and healthcare environments.

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ORLINE Recessed Trimless Linear Light

This linear recessed lighting product offers the perfect solution for locations that require robust and versatile fixtures. Designs can provide isolated individually spaced modules, continuous lines of light or custom shaped configurations for feature lighting. Featuring integral tridonic control gear, multiple power outputs and CRI>80 ensures light quality. Recessed, surface mounted and suspended versions available. Bespoke configurations available upon request – for example 5000K, tuneable white, corner, square, rectangular, cross and circular shapes.

Recessed Trimless Linear Light (1)

Inter lux Linear Wall Wash luminaire

  • Integrated solution that is compatible with all ceiling types
  • Standard and tailored run lengths, including corners
  • Wash to 30’ wall height
  • Extreme brightness control and the elimination of disturbing glare
  • Modularity of insert modules for ultimate design flexibility
  • Consistent LED technology throughout the Whitegoods product range
  • Evenly illuminate the wall from top to the bottom with smooth gradation
  • Flexible design allows exact wall-to-wall dimensions
  • Flicker-free full range dimming with standard driver (Eldoled)
  • Manufactured in the USA
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Lumenwerx Regressed recessed lighting retrofit

Lumenwerx elegant, flexible Via family is composed of linear, pendant, surface, recessed, and wall mounted luminaires, each of which can be installed as a discrete lighting fixture or in continuous runs or patterns. Asymmetric, widespread, low-glare, and wall wash optic options allow for precise distribution and exceptional light quality for a wide range of applications.

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Brandon Lighting- The professional Recessed linear lighting supplier with low MOQ