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Office lighting applications

Lighting that is too dim will make your employees feel tired and cranky. On the other hand, lighting that is too bright will be hard on their eyes — even triggering migraines — and will disrupt their body’s natural circadian rhythms.

The perfect lighting for the space helps your employees stay alert, creative, energized, and in the right state of mind to give 100 percent. But finding the balance between too dim and too light can be a difficult task.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about office lighting and help you choose the right type of illumination for your unique situation.

Educational lighting applications

Uniform lighting in an educational institution is imperative to increase visual acuity and comfort, productivity, and concentration levels while ensuring safety for all occupants. Lighting can have a positive or negative impact on the concentration, mood, energy, and alertness of the occupants. Therefore, it is important to install proper lighting and controls solutions that creates an optimal visual setting and environment that is conducive to learning.

Our innovative lighting solutions mimic natural light cycles by varying the color and intensity of light to create a stimulating environment for its occupants. This helps to enhance their productivity coupled with positively impacting their emotional and biological well-being.

We offer a wide range of lighting products that meet the needs for each specific space within an educational institution.

Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society; as places of learning, belonging, and community cohesion. From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, help students feel safe on campus, and strengthen a school’s brand and reputation. Brandon LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Hospital health lighting applications

Hospital lighting is an important part of hospital construction and management. It plays an important role in the realization of health care and treatment effect, rehabilitation of patients and relationship between doctors and patients, hospital operation management and cost control. However, in the course of hospital construction and actual operation, attention is not paid enough. The reason, first, because the hospital construction side of the role of lighting little, academic research on hospital lighting is relatively small; the other hand, the lighting industry’s understanding of the requirements of the hospital lighting is not deep available on the market. The choice of professional lighting equipment is relatively lacking.

Public restroom lighting applications

Stairwell lighting applications

Stairwell LED wall mount offers bi-level lighting to balance energy savings with a feeling of security. An integrated motion sensor and bi-level ballast provide standby low-level light, and upon detection of motion in a space, restores lighting to full brightness.

Stairwell lighting is particularly important in commercial and industrial applications because falling on the stairs accounts for over 60 % of slip and trip injuries in buildings. Stairwell lighting safety amounts to proper lighting, slip resistance of stair treads, suitable handrails and dimensional geometry of stairs.

The LED Stairwell Fixture provides the latest in energy efficiency combined with long-lasting, uniform light, ensuring an improved overall look as well as several financial benefits

Warehouse industrial lighting applications

Gym sport high bay lighting applications

Good lighting is essential for the success of a gym or a fitness studio. Not only does the right type of illumination create the ambiance required for training, but the proper lighting also allows members to see their progress. However, gym lighting is different from fitness studio lighting.

Gyms require a stable, reliable source of light. The goal is to provide bright, reliable lighting that mimics daylight. Often gyms require light that is used continuously (24-hour gyms). A gym lighting system is designed to be simple so that any staff member or trainer can operate the lighting system.

Fitness studios rely heavily on lighting to create the ambiance associated with their brand. They require fairly complex lighting systems connected to music systems often designed by specialists to convey the brand. The focus is on using light to affect the physical and mental state of the students.

Retailer Store high brightness lighting applications

When setting up a retail store, you want to make the space as inviting as possible to potential customers. Additionally, you’ll need to display your merchandise in a manner that best suits its presentation. And, of course, you must ensure that the space allows your employees to work productively.

Besides choosing shelving, furniture and displays, probably one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make — or series of decisions, to put it more accurately — has to do with your retail store lighting design.

To some people, it may seem like lighting for retail stores is a simple afterthought. However, thinking like that could cause you to miss out on substantial revenue. Recent studies show that the right lighting plays a significant role when it comes to shoppers remaining in stores for longer periods of time and being more inclined to make purchases while there. One retailer even reported a 12 percent increase in sales in one of its stores that was equipped with a new lighting system.