To: Our V auled Sales Agencies and Partners
September 18, 2018
Lumecon is proud to announce that it will not be raising prices on any of its product in the near future. Lumecon has always been proud of its American roots and we have labored hard to keep as much of our product as possible sourced and built right here in the USA. It is this commitment to local sourcing that will allow us to keep our pricing the same in times of Tariffs and other economic forces.
As a whole, the lighting industry has seen a continuing rise in manufacturing costs including the cost of raw materials, components, packaging, and freight. In addition, increases in costs of labor, insurance, and benefits have also contributed to the rising costs of production of lighting fixtures.
Lumecon has aggressively implemented strategies for cost containment, made improvements to our manufacturing processes for increased efficiency, and we will continue to work to keep any cost increases out of our future plans.
We are also very proud to i ntroduce the Lumecon Detroit Series™ (LDS) Forward Throw Wall Pack. The LDS
-FT offers a bold, rugged Detroit inspired design that performs efficiently and reliably in any outdoor environment. The tiered wattage / lumen packages deliver exactly the light output needed for the job without wasting energy or efficiency and is a perfect fixture for building facades, general security, storage areas, tunnel and entry door appli cations. The LDS-FT utilizes the Lumecon ETD™ Thermal Design backed by an industry leading 10 year L70 performance
based warranty and protected by 20kA / 40kV Extreme Rated Surge protection. The Lumecon Detroit Series Forward Throw, inspired, designed, engineered, built and shipped from the USA, proudly boasting the most US content possible.
Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.
We appreciate the hard work and diligence of all our sales agencies and partne rs in the industry and are looking forward to a strong fourth quarter