HC401SRC-R Motion sensor Standard Version

///HC401SRC-R Motion sensor Standard Version
HC401SRC-R Motion sensor Standard Version 2018-03-27T11:50:46+00:00

Project Description

HC401SRC-R Motion sensor Standard Version

HC401SRC-R Motion sensor Standard Version

Built-in HF Sensor for High Bay

On/off Function With Remote Control

HC401SRC-R Motion sensor


Occupancy detector with tri-level dimming control suitable for indoor use.
Suitable for building into the fixture:
Storage room
Use for retrofit and new luminaire designs/installations


  • One-touch daylight learning via remote control
  • Zero crossing detection circuit reduces in-rush current and prolongs relay life
  • Loop-in and loop-out terminal for efficient installation
  • 5 Year, 50,000hr Warranty

1.On/off Control

This sensor is a motion switch, which turns on the light upon detection of motion, and turns off after a pre-selected hold-time when
there is no movement. A daylight sensor is also built in to prevent the light from switching on when there is sufficient natural light.

2.Zero-cross Relay Operation

Designed in the software, sensor switches on/off the load right at the zero-cross point, to ensure that the in-rush current is minimised, enabling the maximum lifetime of the relay.

3.Loop-in and Loop-out Terminal

Double L N terminal makes it easy for wire loop-in and loop-out, and saves the cost of terminal block and assembly time.

HC401SRC-R Motion sensor

HC401SRC-R Motion sensor