HC419VRC/DH montion sensor

///HC419VRC/DH montion sensor
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Project Description

HC419VRC/DH HF montion sensor

HC419VRC/DH Fixture Built-in Daylight Harvest

Fixture built-in HF motion sensor with photocell advance for daylight harvest

HC419VRC/DH Fixture Built-in HF montion sensor

This product allows luminaire design to be simplified as the luminaire body no longer needs to be drilled to accept a photocell for assessing the
daylight condition. It will measure the ambient natural light behind the cover then calculate how much artificial light is needed to reach the target
lux level. The required dimming level control is passed to the driver by the 0-10V signal for delivering the right amount of light.
The light will be dimmed to minimum level and switched off eventually if ambient daylight is sufficient, regardless of hold-time or stand-by time,
with or without motion.

Model no.: HC419VRC/DH
Photocell Advance (lux off function)
Daylight harvest (daylight regulating)
Zero-cross relay operation
Manual over-ride (push function)
Semi-auto function (absence detection)
Synchronization control function
Technical Data
Operating voltage : 120-277VAC
Switched power: Max. 400VA @120VAC, 1000VA @ 277VAC (capacitive)

Max. 700W @120VAC, 1600W @ 277VAC (resistive)

Standby power: <0.8W
Warming-up time: 20s
Detection area: 50% /100% (10% /50% /75% /100% on RC)
Hold time: 5s /3min /10min/30min (TEST 2s /30s /1min /5min /10min /15min /20min/30min on RC)
Stand-by period: 0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1h/+∞
Stand-by dimming level: 10% /30% (10% /20% /30% /50% on RC)
Daylight threshold: 2~500Lux, disable, can be customized
Sensor principle: Microwave motion detector
Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power: <0.2mW
Detection range: Max. (ØxH): 12m x 6m
Detection angle: 30°~150°
Mounting height: Max. 6m
Operating temperature: -20°C~+60°C     Tc:80°C
IP rating: IP20,  IP65 (mounting in Hytronik special box)

HC419VRC/DH Fixture Built-in HF montion sensor