HEC7430 Motion Sensor & driver 2-in-1

///HEC7430 Motion Sensor & driver 2-in-1
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Project Description

HEC7430 Motion Sensor and driver 2-in-1

HEC7430 Motion Sensor and driver 2-in-1

HEC7430 Motion Sensor

2 in 1 and cost effective! This is a smart integration of HF (microwave) motion sensor and multiple current selection LED driver, which gives
pre-selected constant current to drive the LEDs to work based upon movement detection. Designed in the software and thanks to our
worldwide patented circuit, the built-in daylight sensor is prior to motion sensor so as to achieve utmost energy saving purpose.
With the detached sensor antenna SAM5, it requires very little space on the LED panel. Only the antenna is installed on the surface, while
the main body can be hidden behind the panel. Completely shadow free.

Model no.:HEC7430 with HRC-05

Daylight Monitoring function with threshold control

Tri-level control (Corridor function)

Sychronization function

Wall switch manual override ( push function)

Semi-auto function (Absence detection)

Further 20% saving @ Initial 10,000 Hours

LED current multi-selections

Technical Data
Operating voltage : 120~277Vac 50/60 Hz
Input current: 0.24~0.14A
Input power:  31W (Max.)
Stand-by power: <0.5W
Warm time:  20s
Detection area: Sensor OFF/50%/75%/100% ( 100%/50%/10%  on RC)
Hold time: 5s /30s /3min /10min  (TEST 2s/ 30s /1min /5min /10min /30min  on RC)
Daylight threshold: 5Lux/10Lux/50Lux/disable  (2Lux /10Lux / 50Lux /Lux disable  on RC)
Standby period: 0s/10s/30min/+∞ ( 0s /10s / 1min /  10min/ 30min /+∞  on RC)
Standby dimming level: 10%/30%   (10%/ 20%/ 30% on RC)
Microwave frequency:  5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power: <0.2mW
Detection range: Max. (ØxH): 8m x 5m
Detection angle: 30°~150°
Mounting height: Max. 5m
Output LED current:  350mA/500mA/550mA/700mA/750mA/900mA
Output LED voltage: 10~50V (350mA)  10~50V (500mA)   10~48V (550mA @277V)/10~45V(550mA @ 120V) 10~43V (700mA @ 277V)/10~36V (700mA@120V)     10~40V (750mA@277V)/ 10~33V (750mA@120V)     10~25V (900mA)
Output LED power: 3.5~17.5W (350mA)     5~25W (500mA)     5.5~26W (550mA@277V)/5.5~25W(550mA@120V)   7~30W (700mA@277V)/7~25W (700mA@120V)      7~30W (750mA@277V)/7~25W(750mA@120V)    9~23W (900mA)
Empty load voltage: 60V
 Power factor: >0.9
Efficiency: 85% (Max)
Operating temperature:  -20°C ~ +50°C      TC:75°C
Abnormal protection: Output short-circuit protection with auto-reset
EMC standard: Part 15B
Safety standard:  UL 8750
Certification:  FCC,  cULus listed
Dielectric strength:  Input→output:3750VAC /5mA/1min
IP rating: IP20

HEC7430 Motion Sensor