Laundry room light fixtures wraparound

This Laundry room light fixtures is the classical wraparound fixture with steel housing and prismatic diffuser. It is available with T5HO, T8 fluorescent tube or LED tubes. The length is available in 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. The maximum length is 5ft for European market.

The big size make this ceiling light fixture available with the motion sensor and battery backup inside the fixture. The lighting distribution is very uniform and supports the continuous run.

This wrap fixture is an attractive, energy-efficient choice for corridor and accent lighting. It combines modern aesthetics and performance in a general lighting product that enables the transformation from fluorescent to LED. The high efficacy light engine delivers long life and excellent color to ensure a quality lighting installation


  • AC120-277V

  • T5HO, T8, LED T8

  • 2FT, 4FT


  • Constructed of Die- formed heavy gauge cold rolled steel
  • Extruded clear or opal prismatic acrylic lens
  • Die-formed heavy gauge cold rolled steel end caps to lock lens
  • Ballast cover locked by toll-less screws
  • Painted with a lighting grade baked white enamel
  • Easy for lamp replacement and maintenance
  • Suitable for T5 T8 configurations
  • Available in one or two lamps model
  • Available in 24 inch to 60 inch
  • Ceiling, surface of pendant mount


  • G13 G5 lampholder from BJB, AAG stucchi or others
  • Terminal block, quick disconnect from Idea or WAGO
  • 220-240V Electronic ballast from Tridonic, Philips, VS, Osram or Helvar
  • 120-277V Electronic ballast from Advance, Fulham, GE, Sylvania or Universal
  • Emergency kits from Fulham
  • Occupancy sensor from top quality supplier
  • Linear fluorescent lamp from GE, Philips or Osram
  • Prewired for LED tubes according to your drawing
  • Storage
  • Utility Areas
  • Schools
  • Stairwell
  • Workshops
  • Corridors
  • General area lighting