2.75″ LED linear suspension lighting

Fornax LED Suspended linear light

Brandon 2.75″ Aperture Fornax series LED linear suspension lighting impresses with its elegant aluminum profile, smooth lines, and high energy efficiency.

It provides beautiful down-lighting as well as up-lighting for indirect lighting design applications. Available in 2FT, 3FT, 4FT and 8ft, and various color configurations, Make an exceptional aesthetic statement in conference rooms, private offices, reception areas, and other commercial spaces where a small profile is required.

The Fornax series LED pendant light fixtures is the ultimate in minimalist simplicity, providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in any architectural environment.

The updated Fornax series led linear suspension lighting characterizes the ultimate in minimalist simplicity by providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in virtually any architectural environment. The MX811C series delivers industry-leading efficacy in a variety of profile widths. 2”, 3”, and 4” luminaire widths are all specifiable to the nearest foot in length in a suspended / pendant installation and can be fitted with a standard flush, regress, proud and asymmetric lensing. Robust construction and adaptable, modular components make installation simple and ensure straight runs.

Versality LED Suspended linear fixture


  • Extruded-aluminum housing is well suited for open-plan space design

  • Aluminum end caps with standard matt white powder coat finish.

  • No visible screws

  • Opal diffuser and commercial grade illumination

  • Maintenance-friendly

Make it your customization

Fornax LED architectural is available in several aesthetic lens options and colors that will allow you to tailor the family to suit a variety of spaces within one large project, or as a signature piece within a smaller space. Fornax families combine the ultimate in flexibility and creativity, with continuous, uniform and glare-free illumination. Available in direct standard and Indirect options.

DLC V5.1 Listed in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft and 8ft

Model DLC ID Watts Features Voltage DLC Version
MX811CLM02012BVKD1[A,B] PTQJJKFT 20W 2ft-CCT Selectable AC120-277V DLC V5.1
MX811CLM03013BVKD1[A,B] PWLR5JBC 30W 3ft-CCT Selectable AC120-277V DLC V5.1
MX811CLM04014BVKD1[A,B] P0TFWJ9M 40W 4ft-CCT Selectable AC120-277V DLC V5.1
MX811CLM06016BVKD1[A,B] PRNC1VQ7 60W 6ft-CCT Selectable AC120-277V DLC V5.1
MX811CLM08018BVKD1[A,B] PLNCEPUM 80W 8ft-CCT Selectable AC120-277V DLC V5.1


  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Supermarket
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Factory
  • Workshops and Industrial workstation

Expectations surpassed office lighting

Multi length

Standardized luminaires are provided in nominal lengths to deliver balanced, full, illumination.

Fornax family architectural fixture is available in lengths of 2’, 3’, 4’, 5′, 6’, and 8’, and can be joined together in seamless runs of any length with the uniform lighting output per foot.

2ft: 24.02×2.76×3.35″
3ft: 35.71×2.76×3.35″
4ft: 47.44×2.76×3.35″
6ft: 71.06×2.76×3.35″
8ft: 94.49×2.76×3.35″
Continuous run in line
LED office pendant light

The illuminated joiners makes all designers happy possible

Adapt to architecture with corners, crosses and shapes.

Lighting design fl exibility you can work with for any rooms

Y corner

Custom Corner

120 DEGREE Corner

120° Corner

X Corner

L Corner

L Corner

Corner T (2)

T Corner

One Light, All Mounting Types

The thoughtful design makes this linear fixture able to support every mounting and friendly to mounting flexibility.

For wholesale lighting or inventory business, you can just buy the standard suspended mounting version fixture and but extra mounting hardware to finish the surface, wall mount, and recessed mounting.

CCT White Tunable

The CCT white tunable technology makes it possible for customer able to stock one SKU but meets the different CCT Tunable requirements.

Brandon provides 3 CCT Tunable, 4 CCT Tunable and 5 CCT Tunable as options.

Tunable white light lets you change, or “tune,” the color temperature of luminaire for the task at hand, the time of day, or the mood you wish to set

“Keep less SKU, Stock risk-free”

Multiple Distributions

The Fornax Pendant is available in Direct(down light), Indirect(up light) and Direct/Indirect(up and down light) distributions

Optical flexibility

Except the flush lens, Brandon can offer you many more lens for different applications.

Drop lens, Regressed lens, Pop down lens

The LED linear architectural lighting business is different from the strip light or wraparound light. The customer, or the designer cares more about the quality, the design, the finish and the ease installation, and more factors. Architects need a lighting solution that matches the interior architecture of the property they are working on. They want a light line with an elegant design and very high light levels. Specifiers need luminaires that enable them to save energy while at the same time providing the right level of light, in compliance with office lighting norms. And office workers want visually comfortable lighting conditions that help them perform better. Fornax fixture is able to meet all these different requirements.

Drop lens hanging lights for office

Drop lens best office lighting

Regressed lens dropped ceiling light fixtures

Regressed lens dropped ceiling light fixtures

louver warehouse pendant lighting

Louver warehouse pendant lighting

Custom Beam Angle Lens are available

LEDil Seamless linear extrusion lenses with excellent optical control and innovative installation. After adding the LEDIL optic lens, the fixture is able to deliver wide beam, small beam, and asymmetric lighting distribution.

Get the LED linear suspension lighting price

Why LED linear office lighting?

-Linear suspended lighting solution creates a simple line of light by delivering brilliant illumination and exceptional visual comfort

-Suspended ceiling light is available in Direct, Indirect, and Direct/Indirect distributions

-LED linear architectural light provides an elegant design and very high light levels

-LED Linear architectural is the best solution for dropped ceiling led lights

-LED office lighting is able to meet all these different requirements

-led hanging lights delivers industry leading efficacy in a variety of profile widths. 2”, 2.75”, and 4” luminaire widths are all specifiable

-MRI compliant fixtures that can be used in magnetic resonance imaging rooms.

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