LED pendant ceiling lights

Brandon Direct Indirect modern led pendant ceiling lights is a provocative, minimalist design of the Lumination delivers remarkable light output in an ultra-thin profile. It’s a whole new visual aesthetic that combines direct and indirect lighting in one super-efficient, translucent LED luminaire. A clear, narrow band surrounds the edge of the fixture, making the light source appear to “float. This high performing LED modern office lighting that offers exceptional visual comfort with unique lens aesthetics and a sleek curved profile.

This up and down light fixture is available for a continuous row or individual placement with light output up to 1,200 lumens/ft.


  • PF>0.95

  • CRI>82

  • THD<20

 Part Number  MX811F04014BKKW
Dimension 1198X297X24mm
Wattage 40W
Efficacy 110lm/w
Lumens 4400lm
Voltage AC220-240V
CCT 3000K-5500K
Lifetime L70 minimum 50,000 hours
Option Dimmable, Power Cable, Ceiling Canopy
Certification CE,RoHS
Installation Aircraft cable Suspended
 Warranty  5 Years


Specification grade full body housing and end plates are extruded aluminum. All the painted after fabrication following treatment with phosphate rust inhibitor. Finish coating of housing reflecting surfaces with white, high reflectance polyester powder. These light fixtures are designed to save energy and lower maintenance costs. “LGP” technology allows for a nearly transparent 50% up and down luminaire when off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when on


Long-life LED system coupled with electrical driver to deliver optimal performance.LED’s available in 3000,4000 and 5000K with a CRI ≥82. Electronic drivers are available for 220-240V applications.A 0-10V(1-10V)dimming control is available .


Power cord

  • Private offices
  • Educational Facilities,
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Medical Centers
  • School classrooms
  • General area lighting