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Project Description

LED Round Flat Panel

LED Round Up/Down

Brandon LED round flat panel design for high-end interiors, offices, hotels, retail, and other commercial/home projects. It incorporates advanced light guide plate technology and high brightness micro-SMD LED light source to deliver a smooth, up&down and uniform light fixture.


  • PF>0.95

  • CRI>82

  • THD<20

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 Part Number MX603ALM04014BKKD2A
Dimension Ø23″x1″
Wattage 40w
Efficacy 100lm/w
Lumens 4000lm
Voltage AC120-277V
CCT 3000K-5500K
Lifetime L70 minimum 50,000 hours
Option Dimmable, Sensor
Certification UL
Installation Suspended
 Warranty  5 Years


This LED round flat panel is a unique round flat panel luminaire designed to provide smooth, dispersed illumination for modern interior spaces. Featuring a low-profile aluminum construction, it is convenient and durable for installation in ceilings with a low plenum space. This LED round panel incorporates innovative light guide plant and curved LED board that are engineered to eliminate glare issues.


Long-life LED system coupled with electrical driver to deliver optimal performance.LED’s available in 3000,4000 and 5000K with a CRI ≥82. Electronic drivers are available for 120-277V applications. A 0-10V(1-10V)dimming control is available.


Manufactured and built to UL standards.UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Tested in accordance with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standard.


Power cord

  • Residential
  • Utility Areas
  • Coves
  • Display cases
  • Shops
  • Task
  • General area lighting