LED Linear recessed ceiling lights

Bandon series architectural Linear recessed ceiling lights bring clean lines and clear light to commercial LED or residential lighting interiors. Our sleek, stylish fixtures are highly effective and efficient lighting solutions for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. Our Linear Lights are a stylish alternative to downlights. Linear lights can create a functional yet relaxing atmosphere and provide an even wash of light within a space.

The flange recessed mounting mask any openings or uneven edges in drywall cutouts and ensure a professional, uniform look. It also support flangeless recessed mounting style, ideal for modern offices and interior spaces aiming for a sleek design where the luminaires fully integrate without a visible flange protruding from the ceiling plane

 Part Number  MX811CLM04014BKKW
Dimension 47×2 3/4×3 1/7″
Wattage 40W
Efficacy 115lm/w
Lumens 4600lm
Voltage AC120-277V/AC120-347V
CCT 3000K-5500K
Lifetime L70 minimum 50,000 hours
Option Dimmable, Power Cable, Ceiling Canopy
Certification UL, DLC
Installation Recessed
 Warranty  5 Years


Specification grade full body housing and end plates are extruded aluminum. All the painted after fabrication following treatment with phosphate rust inhibitor. Finish coating of housing reflecting surfaces with white, high reflectance polyester powder. These light fixtures are designed to save energy and lower maintenance costs.


Long-life LED system coupled with electrical driver to deliver optimal performance.LED’s available in 3000,4000 and 5000K with a CRI ≥82. Electronic drivers are available for 120-277V applications.A 0-10V(1-10V)dimming control is available .


Manufactured and built to UL standards.UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Tested in accordance with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standard.


The recessed ceiling lights LED luminaires that can be integrated into most ceiling types to provide a discreet, flexible general lighting solution for offices, meeting room, and classrooms. With a slim footprint, the system offers a minimal product presence, with no visible LED dots or socket shadows. Featuring second-generation LED technology, the luminaires deliver up to 115lm/W. Lit corners and a quick connect system allow uninterrupted lines and shapes that blend seamlessly into the architecture. Available in single units or continuous runs, with a choice of optics, colors, , color temperatures, and control options. Custom color finish at request.

  • Private offices
  • Educational Facilities,
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Medical Centers
  • School classrooms
  • General area lighting