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Troffer Office UV light fixtures

With the outbreak of the epidemic, more and more customers are asking if we have UV LED light.

Based on our many years of experience in LED lighting fixture industry, our engineers have gone through countless days and nights and finally, choose to develop this recessed troffer in UV LED light among the dozens of existing lighting fixture products. This UV light fixtures cleverly combines the beauty and practicality of conventional daily LED linear fixture, so that it has daily lighting and UV sterilization lighting functions.

We have embedded a microwave sensor specifically for UV light fixtures. When passing by, the UV light will go out so as not to affect the human body, and when the person leaves, the UV LED light will start to work.

We hope we can bring a little help to this world through a small change in UV LED light, and hope everyone can find a way out of the epidemic, no matter where you are on the end of the earth.



  • Robust steel housing with five star painted powder finish

  • Frosted PC diffuser lens reduced glare and remains high efficacy

  • Available in 2’x2′ and 2’x4’

  • Reflective white finish improves retrofit efficacy


  • UL listed for damp location

  • RoHS Compliant


  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Supermarket
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Factory
  • Workshops and Industrial workstation


2ft: 23 6/8×23 6/8×3″ | 605*605*75mm

General lighting Electrical:

  • Wattage: 36W
  • Efficacy: 120LPW
  • Lumens: 4320lm
  • Voltage: 120-277V AC
  • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K,5000K
  • CRI: 82
  • PF: >0.92
  • THD: <15
  • Dimming: 0-10V DC
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Class P LED driver

UV LED light Electrical:

  • Wattage: 10W
  • Voltage: 120-277V AC
  • Wavelength: 254 nm
  • Ultraviolet (UV) range: UVC
  • Radiation level: 235uW/cm²


  • Direct, Indirect or Direct/Indirect Lighting Distribution
  • With a profile measuring less than three inches in depth
  • Smooth Dimming – 0-10V dimming standard, fitting various applications and making it simple to adjust the brightness from 100% to 10% without causing disturbing flickers and buzzing.
  • Easy Installation – Suspended kits provide an easy and fast pendant mounting.
  • Typical 80 plus CRI; 90 CRI options available

How UVC LED light work?

UV represents wavelengths that fall between visible light and x-ray on the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV range can be further divided into UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum-UV. The UV-C portion represents wavelengths from 200 nm – 280 nm, the wavelength used in our LED disinfection products. UVC LED light utilized the wavelengths between 250-300mm. Brandon uses 254nmwavelength, which is lab tested to be the most efficacious for disinfection purposes in UVC LED light fixture products.

UV-C photons penetrate cells and damage the nucleic acid, rendering them incapable of reproduction, or microbiologically inactive. This process occurs in nature; the sun emits UV rays that perform this way.

The benefits of LED UVC Light product


At 10 hours daily use, BRANDON LEDs are rated to last 13 years, dramatically reducing maintenance and re-lamping cost


The BRANDON 5-year, limited warranty covers light output and driver performance


0-10V is our standard and LED driver inventory we keep for most products. Other dimming are available but longer lead time.








2×2, 2×4

Some questions about UV light

Do UV lights kill mold?

-Yes, If properly designed, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) cleaners that use ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps may destroy indoor biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, and some molds that are growing on the moist interiors of HVAC surfaces

Does UV light Sterilize?

-Yes, Ultraviolet light is split into several different ranges: (near the visible light range) UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, Vacuum-UV (near the x-ray range). The UV-B range is what causes sunburn on humans. UV water purifiers use the UV-C range because of its germicidal abilities. In this range the light light will break molecular bonds in the DNA of viruses and bacteria, rendering them unable to reproduce and effectively killing them.

Is UV light safe?

-The use of UV Light must follow the instruction sheet provided by the UV light seller. If not used or implemented properly, direct exposure to germicidal ultraviolet lighting can have damaging effects on both materials and people. Over exposure to UV-C lighting can harm humans in a variety of ways, such as eye and skin damage. It can also cause damage to materials, such as the erosion of rubber gaskets or plastics. It is because of these potential negative effects of UV-C disinfection lighting that it is vital that appropriate products are utilized in the various applications in which they can provide benefits

Is UV light visible?

-ultraviolet light is ‘beyond violet light’ and the visible spectrum that can be detected by the human eye. It cannot, therefore, be seen directly. Detectors that are sensitive to UV convert it into a form that we can see. Technically, you can ‘see’ the UV part of the electromagnetic spectrum if you and the source of UV radiation are receding from each other at a high enough velocity to red-shift high frequency UV waves into the visible spectrum. In this scenario, however, UV light is being emitted, not received.



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