//What is LED high bay

What is LED high bay

Why our LED high bay is premium high bay?

 In the world of wonderful lighting, it is a lighting fixture that you may find in a warehouse, a factory, a gym, an airport hangar or any large open area industrial and commercial space with relatively high ceilings. Drive by any industrial park, warehouse, a manufacturing plants, a distribution centers, a grocery stores, or factory, and walk inside and what you will see is a high bay light.

But when you walk into these place and you will see different styles and options, wattage’s and configurations and CCT. Traditional high bay fixtures that were once common place were Mercury Vapor, which were then replaced with High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs. As new technologies were introduced, and old technologies became more common, the old HID bulbs were replaced with Induction and Fluorescent light sources(T5HO or T8). And more recently with the more wide spread approval and popularity of LED, we started to see conversions from these older technologies to the latest energy saving LED High Bays.

Meanwhile, you will see the round high bay which we normally call it UFO, or line shape which we call it linear high bay.

A High Bay Fixture fitting, depending on the light source, can take on many forms and shapes. If you consider a Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium fixture, they typically consist of a large heat sink block at the top of the fixture that typically houses the fixtures ballast. Below is an aluminum or acrylic dome and at the top of the dome is the HID bulb. These bulbs typically come in two wattage’s, 400 and 1000. 400 Watt Fixtures tend to be installed in ceiling heights no higher than 30 feet, 1000 watt fixtures are typically 40 feet or higher. Interestingly enough, spacing of lights is similar to the height they are located off the floor. A fixture installed at 20 feet from the floor is installed in a 20X20 pattern, 30 feet in a 30X30 pattern, 40 feet in a 40X40 pattern. Of the 3 type of HID bulbs, Metal Halide tends to be the best option. High Pressure Sodium Bulbs are very low on the temperature color and have the lowest CRI (Color Rendering Index) which is a measurement of light quality. Some Mercury Vapor bulbs also can have low CRI, but not all do, and the color temperature seems to range between 3500K and 6000K. Although you see some Mercury Vapor bulbs installed, it is more common to see Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.

Why Brandon LED high bay is different from others?

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