Acoustic lighting

Acoustic lighting utilizes the newest Sound absorption material in the popular architectural lights. Brandon lighting has developed a new range of acoustic lighting solutions to improve customers well-being, combining visual and acoustic comfort. Brandon launched new acoustic light fixture is a perfect acoustic lighting solution which combines lighting performance and sound absorbing properties. The acoustic light fixtures provide an optimal answer to the high noise levels and reverberation issues common to open, multi-purpose spaces. Acoustic Solutions is available to use in our most linear architectural lighting products.

The seamless fusion of lighting and  acoustics. Linear architectural light products are wrapped in high-performance acoustic felt to create quality lighting and noise control  in one.  Our acoustic felt is made from 100% recyclable PET material. In addition to providing high acoustic performance, this material is lightweight and fire resistant, making these products the perfect addition to any commerical space.The acoustic light fixture paneling can be applied to most linear products. It is compatible with linear and decorative lights, and can be used in custom patterns and elevations.

acoustic lighting


The latest linear architectural luminaires and acoustic solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s interior spaces – enabling personalization and control with advanced technology to meet energy codes and support building standards


Acoustic lighting Solutions offer integrated lighting and acoustic systems that provide optimal illumination and control noise levels in open, multi-purpose environments while procuring a unified look that enhances interior spaces.

acoustic lighting

Acoustic lighting Applications:

– Open Offices
– Lobby Atriums
– Theaters
– Auditoriums
– Conference Halls
– Cafeterias
– Libraries
– Sports Arenas

Acoustic lighting specification

  • A slender 2″W/2.75″W and 4″W profile with high-efficiency LED lighting
  • Available with uplight, downlight, or unlit capabilities
  • Offered in 1000lm/ft up to 1150lm/ft
  • 3000K-5000K CCT
  • 2ft – 8ft lengths with continuous row configurations
  • Available with flush lens, drop lens and regressed lens
acoustic lighting

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Benefits of Acoustic lighting

Reduces background noise

Clearer conversations

Improve peacefulness of the area

Improve the look of the room

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