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200W led high bay lights reviews&guides

200W led high bay lights reviews&guides In industry, the bottom line is affected by a whole host of factors – worker productivity, running costs and maintenance, to name just a few. In today’s economic environment, with margins under pressure, all businesses operating high-bay facilities are faced with the pressing need to save energy. LED linear high-bay solution is a direct replacement for current HID high-bay systems and enables [...]

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U.S. reinstates 352 product exclusions from China tariffs

Billing Code 3390-F2 OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES TRADE REPRESENTATIVE Notice of Reinstatement of Certain Exclusions: China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Innovation AGENCY: Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: In prior Federal Register notices, the U.S. Trade Representative modified the action in the Section 301 investigation of China’s acts, policies, and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual [...]

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Hexagon lights fixture shopping guide

Top Hexagon lights fixture shopping guide 2022 Due to the natural geometry of the hexagon, which is often found in nature (honeycombs, snowflakes), it was possible to design the lamp visually particularly delicate. Almost fragile, it floats above the heads, but is still stable. By the complete renunciation of ornamentation or further stabilizing elements a lamp was created, which is reduced to the essential: the light! Our Hexagon [...]

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LED warehouse lighting shipping guide 2022

LED Warehouse lighting supplier shopping guide 2022 In a standard warehouse, lighting electricity can represent 38% of total operating expenses; 15% in a refrigerated facility. When grossly inefficient HID fixtures are used, the majority of that energy is wasted and turns to heat. HIDs also require frequent maintenance and offer little control. Fluorescent fixtures, although an improvement over HIDs, still leave a lot of room for improvement in [...]

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Top UK LED batten lights suppliers

Top LED batten lights suppliers in UK&British market LED Batten lights are an ideal replacement for traditional tube lighting fittings, replacing the light bulb and the fitting all in one. LED battens are perfect for illuminating public areas such as car parks, stations and toilets, as well as domestic areas such as garages or utility rooms. The LED technology increases the energy efficiency by up to 90% compared [...]

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LED office lighting suppliers

Suspended LED Office lighting fixture suppliers LED Office lighting fixtures play a very important role in office buildings. The good office lighting will enhance the productivity and makes the employees happy to work there. LED office light solutions include the recessed panel light, recessed troffer light and recessed linear architectural light, linear suspension light and surface mount luminaire.  The solution depends on the office structure, design and budget. [...]

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LED Vaportight High Bay Fixture Suppliers

The top LED Vaportight High Bay Suppliers The LED Vaportight High bay is the fixture that features the vapor tight waterproof features and high bay high lumens features. It is widely used in these applications where require high lumen output and waterproof. If you are looking for the vaportight high bay, the below ones you should review and study. Techbrite LED VAPORTITE HIGH [...]

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Top LED bulb suppliers 2021

Top LED bulb manufacturers 2021 LED Bulb light is the bulb light that uses the LED technology. LED bulb light utilizes the Solid State lighting solution which it energy-saving than the traditional incandescent bulb light.  LED bulbs use a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. That property is known as electroluminescence. Compact fluorescents, the most common alternative to incandescent bulbs, use electricity to excite mercury [...]

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NSF Certificated LED ligthing

NSF Certificated LED lighting is ready Today, Brandon lighting is very glad to announce that our LED linear vapor-tight fixtures are NSF certificated. After several months of effort, our linear vaportight passed the NSF review and test. The NSF certificated LED light vapor tight fixture will help our customers sell more of the linear vapor proof lighting in the food processing facilities and food processing stores areas. If [...]

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LED lighting industry price increase company list 2021

QSSI Announces 2nd Price Increase April 5th 2021 QSSI will implement a price increase of 8% on all lighting products and accessories effective May 15th 2021 QSSI reserves the right to modify the new pricing and effective dates. Rick Edens CEO Hubbell lighting announces additional price increase up to 6% Mar 31th 2021 Hubbell lighting will be implementing additional price increases of up to 6% [...]

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