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Top LED bulb suppliers 2021

Top LED bulb manufacturers 2021 LED Bulb light is the bulb light that uses the LED technology. LED bulb light utilizes the Solid State lighting solution which it energy-saving than the traditional incandescent bulb light.  LED bulbs use a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. That property is known as electroluminescence. Compact fluorescents, the most common alternative to incandescent bulbs, use electricity to excite mercury [...]

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NSF Certificated LED ligthing

NSF Certificated LED lighting is ready Today, Brandon lighting is very glad to announce that our LED linear vapor-tight fixtures are NSF certificated. After several months of effort, our linear vaportight passed the NSF review and test. The NSF certificated LED light vapor tight fixture will help our customers sell more of the linear vapor proof lighting in the food processing facilities and food processing stores areas. If [...]

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LED lighting industry price increase company list 2021

QSSI Announces 2nd Price Increase April 5th 2021 QSSI will implement a price increase of 8% on all lighting products and accessories effective May 15th 2021 QSSI reserves the right to modify the new pricing and effective dates. Rick Edens CEO Hubbell lighting announces additional price increase up to 6% Mar 31th 2021 Hubbell lighting will be implementing additional price increases of up to 6% [...]

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NSF Lighting defective guide 2021

NSF Lighting and food process lighting defective guide 2021 Nowadays, more and more customers are asking "Do your LED lights have the NSF certification? Our customer requires the NSF certificated lighting to use in the food-safe processing area". Based on the questions and feedback we collected from the market and customers. Today, we would like to spend some time discussing the NSF certification and NSF rated lighting products. [...]

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Best Suspended Ceiling Lights for Your Room

Tips for Choosing the Best Suspended Ceiling Lights for Your Room If you look on the market, you will be able to find a lot of types of lights that are available today. You can choose the best one that can be suitable for your needs. You can also find some reliable suspended ceiling lights on some home improvement stores. These lights are popular among many homeowners because [...]

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2020 Top Distributors List guide

2020 Top Distributors List This list includes a listing of the largest 150+ industrial and construction products distributors in North America across 16 product sectors Top distributor list Table Top Industrial Distributors Top Electrical, Data & Security Distributors Top MRO Industrial Distributors Top Building Materials/Construction Distributors Top HVACR/Plumbing/PVF Distributors Top 40 Industrial & Construction Distributors 1. Ferguson Enterprises . . . . [...]

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NVLAP Laboratories list

NVLAP recognized lab list NVLAP lab in China. 200371-0 Audix Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai CN 200372-0 AUDIX Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Guangdong CN 200407-0 Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd Shanghai CN 200609-0 CQST/CNEX Efficiency of Electric Motors Nanyang, Henan CN 200611-0 SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch Guangzhou, Guangdong CN 200631-0 Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd. Kowloon, Hong [...]

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LED gymnasium lighting buying guide

LED gymnasium lighting buying guide 2021 This blog will bring you to understand what is the LED gymnasium lighting and what we should consider before buying the gymnasium lighting What is LED gymnasium lighting? LED gymnasium lighting is the LED lighting fixture products that used in the sports facility includes gym, athletic center, fitness club, squash courts, hockey rinks, tennis courts, fitness center, health spa [...]

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Lighting acquisition news in 2020

Lighting acquisition news in 2020 2020 is a very special and difficult year for many people and families. It is also true for the lighting industry. Everyone is experiencing the threat of the epidemic and the decline in business. Every year we are facing more competitive LED lighting market and changes in this lighting industries. This is a crisis, but it also brings some new opportunities. Let us [...]

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LED warehouse lighting defective guide 2020

The LED Warehouse lighting defective guide 2020 LED Warehouse lighting has been widely used in the warehouse environment. No matter the big or small warehouse, they all need a lighting to light up the warehouse. The good LED warehouse lighting will help the warehouse manager to save electricity bills, improve the lighting effects, and enhance the operation safety in the warehouse. These LED Warehouse lighting are extremely durable, [...]

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