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Our Company

Since 2008, Brandon Lighting has been leading the way, customizing linear figures to the acclaim of the industry. Today, we are best known for providing the highest quality products in the US market while still excelling in customer service, innovation, and technology.


Our mission statement has remained the same since day one. Here at Brandon we are utterly devoted to customized linear-lighting that is steeped in quality, professionalism, trust, and dependability. We value our customers and the safety of our workers above all. We have our sights always set on the newest innovations in advanced technology.

Quality Guarantee

ISO certifications and UL certifications come with all of our products, because we believe that quality is absolutely key in everything that we do. We provide a guarantee to our customers that each product that we deliver is meeting all industry standards, safe, dependable, and built to last.

Sales & Customer Service

We are proud of our highly advanced staff, as they are some of the best trained in the industry. They’re committed to maintaining all quality standards, while still looking ahead to always embrace innovation. Our team is devoted to our company, and they know that every customer is unique and important.  There is constant expansion at Brandon Lighting, and that means that the team must be flexible, adaptable, and accountable. Our team is 100% committed to bringing the best to our customers.


Although our company does engage in marketing, our purpose for attending the International Light Fairs is not to promote, but rather to meet our customers, teach them about our products, and learn more about our industry. We have a website with further information about our company, and also a newsletter that keeps our customers up to date on all that’s going on.  But these materials are more about education than promotion. At Brandon, we love meeting new people, just like you.


Teamwork is one of our core values. Without teamwork, we could not have achieved the success that we enjoy today. Each day when we come to work, we know that we’re depending upon one another. New ideas, innovations, and improvements all come from our team mindset and brainstorming. In this way, we promote regular team building activities that only strengthen this bond that we share with one another.

Consistency & Reliability

We take great pride in the consistency of our services. The level of service is reaching all new heights each day, and that’s because we refuse to turn back. We only wish to improve. Everyday at Brandon, we are growing. Whether its the modernization of our factories or the improvement of our customer service, we continue to move forward in the name of innovation, prosperity, and unsurpassed standards.


  • Brandon Lighting is a leading LED light fixtures manufacturer and supplier of linear lighting products with UL cUL and DLC certification.
  • Brandon is committed to advancing solid-state LED technology to make affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lighting and custom graphic products that bring value to our customers.
  • Brandon products cover a wide variety of application and budgets, including commercial, industrial for all kind indoor application.
  • Brandon provides clients across the world with cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly, long-life, highly-certified lighting solutions and complete brand OEM service to help our customer grow their business in their area.
  • Brandon equips with modern CNC Laser, CNC punching and CNC bending machines to manufacture almost any sheet metal product according to customer’s request.
  • Brandon is a customer-centric company that positions itself as a value-added, trusted partner in developing superior lighting solutions through our world-class partner capabilities.
  • Brandon dedicated team management is the power that Brandon has been growing one of the most professional LED light fixtures MFG.
  • Brandon production facility is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We strive to deliver products that achieve consistent high quality.
  • Brandon is committed to this company-wide initiative through employee education and training with the ultimate goal to make it part of the corporate culture and way of thinking of all employees.


In every aspect of operation and business, Brandon focuses on achieving a high level of quality. We strive to add value to all of our lighting product offerings and contribute to our customers’ growth and success

We demand of ourselves the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism

We are dedicated to our customers. We are dedicated to linear lighting business.

We are determined to work vigorously for our customers. Our hard work is rooted in our passion and enthusiasm for helping our customers succeed.

Since 2008, Brandon has built the reputation of being an honest, reliable and truthful business partner

We’re innovative and willing to take calculated risks. We learn quickly from our mistakes and adapt nimbly.

Our Commission

To be the preeminent commercial&industrial linear LED light fixtures manufacturer for North American market.


20+ years


Our Founder with more than 20+ years lighting fixture industray experience

15+ years


Our R&D department with more than 15+ years experience in LED lighting industry

8+ years


Our Sales team with more than 6+ years experience in Brandon Lighting


Our Manufacturing

Brandon utilize the latest advances in manufacturing technology that enable us to maximize productivity
and flexibility.

The laser technology allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range
of materials.

Their advanced motion and innovative beam delivery systems are engineered to raise productivity,
increase cut quality and reduce operating costs.

Our manufacturing systems provide unmatched performance and superior reliability

Our Laboratory

Brandon highly trained experienced R&D team offers personalized technical support based on individual client’s lighting needs. We can provide photometric layouts(IES) retrofitting services for the existing fixture, added features such as remote-controlled dimming or motion sensors and battery backup. Brandon LED light fixtures products are all rigorously tested with IESNA LM79 performance testing, LM80 lifetime testing, In-site temperature testing and UL safety testing.

A spectrometer (light-measuring device) receives data from sensors in the sphere and translates that data into lumen, peak wavelength, CCT, and CRI readings displayed in a computer program

Our environmental testing chamber reproduces the full ranges of temperature and relative humidity found within commercial and industrial LED lighting applications.
Temperature:-35°C (- 31° F) to 200°C (392°F),Humidity:10 to 95 percent.

Our Assembly

The assembly processes at Brandon Lighting vary slightly depending on what type of LED light fixtures is being built.

Usually, the process consists of screwdriving components together, functionality testing, safety testing (including high potential and dielectric withstand tests), adhesive bonding, and packaging the finished product.

Brandon LED lighting products are 100% burned-in prior to shipment. The burn-in process assists in verifying proper functionality at-temperature and over time.

100% Manufactured and assembled in-house!

Our Quality Control

Brandon have strict quality control process for all the LED lighting products. We divide our quality control into four inspection stages – IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC. Sampling rate and frequency are set forth by the Acceptable Quality Level signed by our client. Each LED lighting product has a different quality control standard to ensure they meet strict requirements. Our QC Team is composed of educated professional that have years of experience in the electronics field.

Our quality control goal is: no defect produced, no defect shipped.

  • Incoming Quality Control – IQC

  • In Process Quality Control – IPQC

  • Final Quality Control – FQC

  • Outgoing Quality Control – OQC

  • Proper Quarantine Procedure

  • Complete Complaint Procedure

  • Acceptable Quality Level

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Gain repeat business

  • Gain new customers from referrals

  • Maintain or improve your position in the market

  • Improve safety

  • Reduce liability risks

  • Contribute to overall positive branding of your product