LED tube light fixture

Brandon Lighting is the manufacturer provides all linear fluorescent light fixture and LED tube light fixture since 2010. The tube light fixture we offer ranges from commercial lighting to industrial lighting such as, vapor proof light fixture, fluorescent strip light, LED wraparound light tube fixture, suspended pendant light, recessed troffer, 4-6 lamps linear high bay light.

Brandon lighting is a dedicated fluorescent light fixture manufacturer. The linear lighting fixture is our only lighting business since the foundation. We don’t have any outdoor lighting or bulb light.

Brandon lighting has been used top lighting components from the global brand suppliers. The sockets we used from AAG and BJB, reflector from Alanod.

When the LED tube market grows, Brandon lighting provides the tube prewired fixture for our customers as well. When they received our fixture, they are ready to use directly after putting the LED tubes. No matter sing-end power LED tubes or dual-end power LED tubes, we can all provide the solutions.

Light fixture garage vaportight luminaire

T8&T5 Fluorescent vapor proof fixture has been used widely in many applications for many years. The T5HO and T8 32W vapor proof fixtures are designed to be resilient, highly efficient and easy to install.

The sleek profile of the enclosure design offers maximum protection for the lighting while offering the minimum surface area for water and dirt accumulation. These fixtures are manufactured of the highest quality materials and are UL Listed. The Tube ready vapor tight fixture is widely used as parking garage lighting, and farmyard lighting solutuions.

LED light fixture garage

The Linear vapor-tight fixture is the best lighting fixture garage solution

lighting fixture garage

LED tube light fixture garage

The LED tube light fixture is available for 2 and 3 tubes light.

led tube light fixture

LED tube stairwell light fixtures

LED tube strip batten fixture and wraparound fixture are the most widely used general lighting. The strip light features economical cost and slim size which makes it widely used as general lighting solutions.

T8 strip fixture and T8 wraparound fixture are available from single lamp fixture to double lamp fixtures. They provide widespread, uniform illumination. Ideal for many applications including corridors, kitchens, breakrooms, utility work areas and stairways.

If you are looking for fluorescent light fixture manufacturer, Brandon lighting will be your first choice.

LED tube light with fixture

The 4ft and 8ft LED tube light with fixture batten light

tube light with fixture

LED Tube light fixture covers

LED tube light fixture with the plastic cover(lens)

light fixture covers

Fluorescent light fixture 4 ft wire guard

LED fluorescent light fixture 4 ft with wire guard

fluorescent light fixture 4 ft

European Wraparound light fixture led

European wraparound light fixture LED

light fixture led

Wrap light fixture laundry room

LED tube wrap is the ideal lighting fixture for laundry room.

lighting fixture laundry room

LED Tube ready warehouse high bay

Fluorescent and LED tube high bay lighting is the ideal linear industrial lighting solutions for warehouse, facility, supermarket and any other open areas requires the high and brightness lumens in the high ceilings. The tube high bay fixture is ready from 2 lamps to 8 lamps.

The tube high bay light is also the ideal lighting for the distribution center,manufacturing and gymnasium which are wide open, high ceilings areas. The high bay tube lighting are designed to properly light the space with the fewest number of industrial fixures required, which can help you to save the electricity bills.

High bay light fixture industries

Tube linear light fixture industries solution

light fixture industries

Economical High bay fixture

Economical linear high bay fitting for industrial lighting

lighting fixture manufacturers

Tube ready LED office lighting

Office lighting is very important for working efficacy and employees. The office lighting includes the fluorescent recessed 2×2 and 2×4 troffer, hanging linear pendant lighting.

Brandon lighting has provided the fluorescent T5HO and T8 4ft&8ft hanging light for more than ten years. It includes direct pendant light and indirect pendant lighting.

No matter you are looking for recessed lighting fixture or linear hanging light, Brandon lighting will be your the right UL listed office lighting manufacturer.

Tube linear pendant light

hanging lights for office

Tube round pendant light

round pendant light

Grille Louver Suspended light

led suspended ceiling lights

Indirect Pendant light

led pendant ceiling lights

Indirect Pendant light

dropped ceiling led lights

Recessed Louver troffer

2x2 troffer light

Recessed Troffer light

2x2 troffer light

2X4 LED troffer lights

2x4 led troffer

The benefits of LED tube light fixture?

The LED tubes has been widely used in the existing fluorescent lighting fixture retrofit or new lighting renovation with cost-efficient and many other advantages of LED lighting.

LED tube types

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Why buy LED tube luminaire from us?

  • More than 12 years experience in tube luminaire manufacturing
  • We offer T5, T8 led fluorescent tube fixture
  • We offer led ready t8 fixture wholesale pricing
  • We supply led tube light fixture with UL listed
  • We supply enclosed luminaires with LED integrated tube light
  • We supply 4 ft fluorescent light fixture commercial applications
  • We are the OEM&ODM led fluorescent fixture manufacturer
  • We can prewire led double ended bulb or led single ended bulb
  • We supply surface mounted led tube light fixture and suspended led fluorescent replacement fixture

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