In order to improve the education environment, schools lighting and classrooms lighting are pretty important than other interior lighting demands.  Good educational lighting makes the students feel safe, improves learning. In addition to this strengthen the school’s brand value. The educational calls the energy-saving but also soft lighting to the eyes.

Brandon Lighting has been providing school and educational lighting products since 2008. The popular school lighting solution choice includes the ceiling wraparound fixture, suspended linear luminaire.

One important issue in school and classroom lighting is flicker and glare. Flicker and glare effect may cause eye strain and headache beyond disturbing students. It is obvious that this situation will affect learning negatively. Brandon school and educational lighting are flicker-free.

Since 2002, the Committee for European Standardisation (CEN) has provided lighting recommendations, adopted by the British Standards Institution, with a range of British Standards (BS) specifying quantitative lighting requirements for many applications. CIBSE’s lighting guides reference these standards.

The CIBSE “Lighting Guide LG5: Lighting for education” is exhaustive and detailed on the lighting of all school spaces including teaching rooms, conference rooms and special-purpose rooms such as sports halls, art rooms and dance studios) as well as multi-purpose rooms and theatres.

LG5 provides detailed guidance on lighting equipment and positioning along with other key factors such as the decoration and finishes of rooms, sightlines, positioning of lighting controls and access doors.

The guidance says that for school lighting to be suitable, attention needs to be paid to:

  • achieving adequate light levels, including the lighting of teachers’ and pupils’ faces for good visual communication
  • giving priority to daylight in all teaching spaces, circulation, staff offices and social areas
  • providing adequate views to the outside or into the distance to ensure visual comfort and help avoid eye strain
  • providing lighting controls that are easy to use
  • providing means to control daylight and sunlight, to avoid glare, excessive internal illuminance and summertime overheating
  • providing external lighting to ensure safe pedestrian movement after dark
  • floodlighting outdoor sports areas
  • providing emergency lighting in areas accessible after dark.

LED School lighting types

Classroom lighting

Classroom lighting is the most often used lighting product in school lighting.

An effective classroom lighting scheme will make use of any natural light that is available, with the addition of artificial light where it is necessary. Incorporating natural light can provide physical and physiological benefits to students, teachers and administrators.

The most common classroom lighting solution includes ceiling lights such as economical strip lights, utility wraparound fixtures. The other popular solution includes the pendant architectural light and recessed troffer lights.

Classroom Batten strip light

classroom batten strip light

Classroom Wraparound fixture


Classroom Pendant light

classroom pendant light

Classroom recessed troffer


Classroom Indirect lighting


Classroom Dual lens troffer

dual lens troffer

Classroom backlit panel light

2x4 led flat panel

Ceiling lighting in classroom

ceiling lighting in classroom

Library lighting

The Library lighting environment requires indirect lighting for the open area, but direct lighting for the reading area and book shift area.

The library lighting provide the resources for quiet, private study, or reading for pleasure, as well as often hosting activities such as a reading club or a children’s reading group. A library, therefore, needs a lighting scheme that can provide a productive and comfortable atmosphere for all its users

An effective classroom lighting scheme will make use of any natural light that is available, with the addition of artificial light where it is necessary. Incorporating natural light can provide physical and physiological benefits to students, teachers, and administrators.

Brandon lighting has more than 10 years in providing the library lighting solution includes the striplight, ceiling wraparound and high quality architectural lighting.

Library modular led panels

led diffuser panel

Ceiling library lighting fixtures

library lighting fixtures

Panel library bookshelf lighting

library bookshelf lighting

Library table lighting fixtures

library table lighting

Reading area recessed linear suspension

libraray recessed linear light

Ceiling Architectural library lighting

T-bar ceiling light

Custom Patterns linear pendant light

square box linear pendant

Library bookshelf lighting suspension


School Stairwell light

School stairwell lighting is a very important lighting application. The good stairwell light will make the environment safe and friendly. Most stairwell lighting or corridor lighting don’t offer a big space, so it requires the fixture should be small in size, but still provide the high lumens. Brandon lighting offers a multi-lighting solution in stairwell and corridor lighting applications.

School panel corridor lights


School Stairwell light

school stairwell lights


library bookshelf lighting

School staircase lighting

library table lighting