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LED Linear Vaportight video

Brandon LED Vaportight is For use as utility lighting, parking garage, entrance areas, car washes, canopies and maintenance areas. With an all plastic, corrosion resistant construction these versatile fixtures are IP-65 rated. Poured gasket with excellent compression and recovery characteristics ensures a tight, consistent seal. Brandon is the right commercial lighting company for the wet location luminaire.

  • NSF-rated for food-safe zone
  • cUL UL listed for wet location.
  •  DLC V5.1 listed in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft.
  • 3 CCT Selectable is the standard
  • Interior dimming sensor
  • Interior Billda battery backup

NSF LED light video

NSF Rated LED vapor tight lights are a professional grade solution to the many challenging environments requiring illumination. Ideal locations to fully utilize an LED vapor tight are areas where water, steam, or elements may cause damage to the fixture and LEDs over time. Suitable locations for vapor tight LED lighting include car washes, food distribution centers, refrigerators, parking structures, and similar type applications. The clamp-down cover provides a “vapor tight” seal so corrosive elements do not harm the fixture over the long term. Using LEDs inside also increases the life expectancy of the fixture which lowers energy and maintenance costs over the long haul.

High bay LED light fixtures video

Lolly high bay led shop lights

Brandon Lolly Mini Linear High Bay lights are an ideal one-to-one replacement for conventional HID, T8, and T5 fluorescent linear fixtures with mounting heights ranging from 15’ to 60’. These commercial LED ceiling light fixtures are available in sizes of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. and in wattages of up to 300W. They are ideal for providing reliable, energy-efficient LED lighting for industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses, workshops, convention centers, gymnasiums, and factories.

Halos high bay manufacturing led lighting

Brandon Halos  Linear High Bay luminaires give you the choice of two optics options, aisle and wide, along with an optional motion/daylight sensor. Offering up to 73% in energy savings, these luminaires are ideal in place of traditional fluorescent and HID luminaires, or as new installations. Six lumen packages, four sizes, two distributions, two voltage ranges, and two CCTs are available for this product family. It is further supported by wire guards and other mounting accessories. They are perfect for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail, gymnasiums, and industrial applications​.

LED Suspended light office pendant light video

Fornax families hanging lights for office

LED Suspended Lights have a sophisticated design with simple, clean, uniform lines of illumination in any architectural environment. These lights can control color temperature and intensity using straightforward controls. Moreover, these high-quality lights are available in a broad range of color temperatures and intensities. Create beautiful lighting in commercial buildings, office spaces, residences as well as in industrial areas with suspended LEDs from Brandon lighting. These LED lights are ideal for retail lighting which provide a lovely diffused light.

LED stairwell ceiling light VIDEO

LED stairwell hanging light

The Strip light series offers an energy saving LED stairwell light with integrated occupancy control. The fixture’s white aluminum body allows for greater heat dissipation, while long-life 50,000 hour LEDs at L70 are used for reduced maintenance. Occupancy controlled dimming of the LEDs increases energy savings while maintaining base light levels in stairwells at all times. The linear strip ceiling light  is ideal for stairwells, parking structures, restrooms and areas where maximum light levels are not needed when area is unoccupied.

LED Stairwell light fixtures

The LED Stairwell Fixture is a modern, energy-efficient, linear lighting solution specifically designed for limited use areas such as stairwells. Equipped with a microwave occupancy sensor and daylight sensor, the fixture reduces energy use by automatically adjusting its output based on occupancy and available light in the space. Brandon offers durable, long-lasting LED lighting solutions that lower operating costs and optimize stairwell safety for commercial, industrial and multi family residential buildings.

LED Recessed lighting in classroom VIDEO

Recessed frame panel school lighting

RECESSED LED panel frame lights are now commonly used for interior decoration lighting purpose. LED technology becomes popular now and has been used widely because of its amazing power saving, but LED panel lights that use somewhat different technology are fairly new to the market. In spite of this, it is notably gaining ground for its sleek look, innovative features as well as design.

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