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NEW Curved Suspended luminaire

LED garage strip lights CCT Tunable&Wattage Selectable

MX453 Lensed LED garage strip lights is a narrow batten strip. This high quality strip light family provides 5 different lens as options but using the same housing body. The customer can choose any shape they want. This LED strip light family uses the latest solid-state lighting and 0-10V dimmable electronic driver technology for optimal performance and energy efficiency. This Lensed product is available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, and 8ft. The MX453 Series strip light can be the illumination solution in commercial, industrial, retail, and residential applications. With the LED knowledge develops, our strip light support the 3 CCT tunable white so you just need stock one SKU per length. What’s know, our strip light is different from others, our special design makes it is very easy for installation even without need to open the lens and end caps.

led garage strip lights

Round Lens LED Strip light fixture

Ordering Code: MX453A

led garage strip lights

Small Round Lens LED Strip Light fixture

Ordering Code: MX453B

linear LED strip light

Big Round Lens linear LED strip light

Ordering Code: MX453D

linear LED strip light

Square Lens linear LED strip light

Ordering Code: MX453F

LED wrap around fixture

CCT Tunable&Wattage Selectable Wraparound luminaire

Brandon LED wrap around fixture features economy and energy-efficient performance. The wraparound light fixture luminaires are made of the robust steel body, acrylic or polycarbonate diffuser with smooth lighting deliver plus the LM80 tested LED chips and 0-10V dimming multi-voltage LED driver. This newest LED wraparound fixture is an ideal complimentary wraparound luminaire to replace the existing T5 and T8 fluorescent wraparound fixture. It is for diverse applications requiring economical general lighting. This family LED Wrap can install with an integrated motion sensor and battery backup. Some items are also available with CCT tunable and wattage selected technology. The fixture optics make this an excellent upgrade option for any stairwell, hallway, school, parking garage, industrial or commercial location

LED Wrap supplier

Economical LED Wrap

Ordering Code: MX456C

LED wraparound supplier

Wider LED Wraparound

Ordering Code: MX456D

LED Round lens wraparound

Round Lens LED Wrap fixture

Ordering Code: MX456J

LED wrap light

Wire Guard LED Wrap Light

Ordering Code: MX456A

LED Wrap fixture

Premium LED Wrap Fixture

Ordering Code: MX456E

LED wraparound fixture

Euro-style LED Wraparound fixture

Ordering Code: MX464E

LED wrap around fixture

Contractor LED wrap around fixture

Ordering Code: MX464B

wraparound light fixture

Smiling Wraparound light fixture

Ordering Code: MX464F

LED wrap around lights

Quick-Release LED wrap around lights

Ordering Code: MX464G

LED Linear Waterproof light fixture

CCT Changeable&Wattage Selected LED Vapor linear fixture

Our linear waterproof light fixture is made of polycarbonate material and fully enclosed with the silicon perimeter gasket and exterior stainless steel mounting brackets for installation. Except the waterproof, they are also dustproof and weatherproof.

The waterproof light fixture is Engineered for powerful lighting, the IP65-rated LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures are designed to replace fluorescent strip fixtures and can be used in the parking garage, corporate campus, education facility, storage facility, car washes, tunnels, farmhouse, and stairwell lighting. Brandon Vapor Tight fixture line features four foot and eight-foot products for replacement and new construction, providing equivalent lumen packages to current fluorescent solutions with significantly higher efficacy and reduced cost of ownership. The options available with interior motion sensor and emergency kits make it is the best vapor tight fixture you can choose from the market.


LED Vaportight High Bay

Ordering Code: MX482W

vapor proof light fixture

Premium LED vapor proof light fixture

Ordering Code: MX486E

8ft waterproof light fixture

8ft waterproof light fixture

Ordering Code: MX482H

LED Linear warehouse high bay-Wattage Selectable

Brandon Linear warehouse high bay provides multi-lumen packages that are ideal for replacing metal halide and linear T5HO and T8 fluorescent low bay and high bay systems. These energy-efficient LED bay lights offer high performance, long life, and easy installation. Suggested mounting heights up to 35’ with typical applications including warehouses, commercial and manufacturing facilities as well as open and stack aisle applications. Brandon linear high bays are extremely durable, yet lightweight and they’re available in a variety of wattages for many different mounting heights. These LED bay light ranges from 50W, 100W, 150W to 500W. They are excellent for new construction or as an energy-saving replacement solution.

linear led high bays

I-Beam linear LED high bays

Ordering Code: MX898H


high bay led lights

Aisle high bay LED lights

Ordering Code: MX898I


Mini LED Bay light

Ordering Code: MX898L


LED Linear Architectural hanging lights for office

Brandon series architectural linear LED fixtures is the best solution of hanging lights for office. Linear lights can create a functional yet relaxing atmosphere and provide an even wash of light within a space. Our Linear suspended luminaire can be customized to your desired length, surface color, color temperature and can be suspended and continuous to suit your needs. Highly effective and efficient lighting solutions make it ideal for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. The high quality extrusion aluminum and special design make it available in Direct, Indirect lighting distribution. This series suspended led office lighting is flexible with different lens optics to meet different application requirements. The multi different degree illuminated corners make it is possible for any patterns design.

suspended ceiling lights

Suspended ceiling lights-NEW

Ordering Code: MX811C

Round suspended light fixture

Round suspended light fixture

Ordering Code: MX834E

square led pendant light

Square LED pendant light

Ordering Code: MX811F

indirect office lighting

Indirect office lighting fixtures

Ordering Code: MX834G

indirect pendant light

Indirect pendant light fixtures

Ordering Code: MX834F

wall mounted pendant light

Wall mounted pendant light

Ordering Code: MX834J

commercial office lighting

Louver commercial office lighting

Ordering Code: MX834A

Indirect round pendant light

Indirect Round pendant light

Ordering Code: MX603A

Any customized linear suspended patterns are available

Best LED recessed lights

CCT Tunable&Wattage Selectable LED troffer light

The best LED recessed lights include the LED recessed troffer and backlit panel.

The modern design of the directional recessed lighting creates a perfect balance of both horizontal and vertical illumination, which will make your space elegant Create a productive, comfortable atmosphere through enhanced light quality and distribution ensure to provide you better, and healthier lighting than fluorescent parabolic troffer light. The 2×2 LED panel, 2×4 LED panel or troffer recessed lighting can be recessed mounting or surface mounting with extra ceiling bracket. The Color temperature or wattage are selected with the advanced LED driver technology. The standard ones are 0-10V Dimmable version. Motion sensor and battery backup are available as options.

led recessed troffer

Volumetric LED recessed troffer

Ordering Code: MX892E

directional recessed lighting

Directional recessed lighting-NEW

Ordering Code: MX79D

slim recessed panel light

Slim recessed panel light-NEW

Ordering Code: MX879R

recessed troffer lighting

Lensed recessed troffer lighting

Ordering Code: MX879E

led diffuser panel

3CCT&Watts LED diffuser panel

Ordering Code: MX879C

LED Retrofit Kits

MX455 series strip conversion kit is designed to provide maximum efficiency to meet fluorescent fixture lighting standards for retail, industrial and commercial applications. They easily converts existing 4 and 8 fluorescent strip fixtures to enhance light levels. The kits are shipped fully assembled and pre-wired to allow fast, easy installation with minimal labor. Fluorescent lamps currently dominate the commercial sector, where they account for 80 percent of installed lamps.
LED lighting products are receiving a great deal of attention for their potential to replace fluorescent lighting, reduce energy use and improve lighting quality in a variety of applications, including offices, classrooms and retail stores

warm dim led retrofit

LED Strip Retrofit

Ordering Code: MX455A

t8 led retrofit kit

LED Strip Retrofit

Ordering Code: MX455B

led parking lot lights retrofit

Custom Retrofit kits

Ordering Code: MX455E

led retrofit kits for fluorescent fixtures

Custom Retrofit kits

Ordering Code: MX455X

Fluorescent and LED tube light fixture

Brandon lighting business starts from the fluorescent tube light fixture, so we still have the ability to provide the linear fluorescent fixture with electronic ballast or prewired ready tube fixture for LED tubes. Designed to create a complete UL-listed LED commercial light fixtures by the most economical means, LED T8 Lamp Ready Fixtures are a companion to internal driver LED Linear T8 replacement lamps. The fixtures allow installers to avoid bypassing the ballast and adopt the energy-saving benefits of LED technology while keeping the product UL listing intact. Brandon offers Vapor Tight, Utility Strip, Utility Wraparound, Recessed troffer, Suspension Architectural and Linear Highbay fixtures.

led tube fixtures

LED tube fixtures Troffer

LED tube high bay manufacturer

Tube High Bay

tube ceiling lights

Tube ceiling lights

4ft light fixture

Vaportight 4ft light fixture

hallway light fixtures

Hallway light fixtures

Quality Guaranteed LED linear lighting fixture

High Performance LED linear fixture

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