LED linear retail lighting

LED retail lighting is very key factor for a retail store. Good retail lighting can help increase your retail store sales. Normally the retail lighting utilizes different lighting types in different area to creative different atmosphere. Today, we are just talking about the LED linear retail lighting. Let’s explore about the linear retail lighting fixture products.

Your retail store lighting fixture makes a huge difference in the way your customers perceive your products or goods and even the atmosphere of your store&retailer bring to them.

Meanwhile, we need consider the energy-saving as well because the retail lighting last at least 8 years per day. It is a big cost for the store’s operation fees.

Aesthetic Suspended retail lighting

Aesthetic Suspended retail lighting present a creative, flexible and visually attractive approach to lighting and interior design in modern retail stores. A well-designed linear suspended lights can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any retail space. Commercial pendant light fittings are a great choice when lighting unusually shaped spaces such as vaulted ceilings or listed buildings that cannot be altered.


2″ Width Slimline Suspended luminaire

2 inch wide linear suspended light is our most slimline architectural lighting fixures solutions. 2″ slimline light can be used as single stand-alone units in a repetitive style or a cluster of ‘hanging lights’ at different patterns creating a bold visual statement.

architectural lighting store applications

2.75″&4″ Width Wide architectural lighting fixture

2.75 inch and 4 inch is medium and wide width architectural lighting solution for retail lighting stores. They offer versatility and a modern aesthetic in the modern retail stores. While the installation shown above exhibits a free floating style, Architectural light pendants can also be linked together end to end to create geometric shapes or longer runs of linear lighting. These versatile pendants can be installed to provide either up or downlighting.

round body shop lighting fixtures

Round Body suspended shop lighting

Round body shop lighting fixtures provides a different lighting design from these rectangle linear suspended light. The round suspended store light fixture producing a dramatic wrap around illumination effect in any retailer applications. The round pendant light can be Suspended from any ceiling type to add a flare of decorative and modern linear lighting to your store space.

Custom Pattern Linear Suspended fixture store lighting solution

The features of the linear suspended light is to offer with the custom patterns design, with the lit  corners, we can connect it in any shapes such as Triangle, Square box, Rectangle box and Hexagon lighting solutions. Brandon lighting is the professional and experienced linear lighting corners, patterns and project solution manufacturer provider. These light offer an unique, custom designed element to the ceilings or walls of your architectural space, with suspended or recessed fixtures.

Hexagon store lighting solution

hexagon lighting solution

Black store lighting fixture design

black store lighting solution

Clothing store lighting supplier

black store lighting solution

Black round lighting fixture manufacturer

black store lighting solution

Black store lighting fixture factory

clothing store architectural lighting

Flat panel light shop lighting fixtures

LED panel lighting provides performance and aesthetics lighting solution in retail lighting design. It is the most economical lighting solution and easy installation lighting choice. The flat panel light is available in 2×2, 1×4 and 2×4 size. The most mounting of the panel lighting is recessed mounting. But is is also available for surface and suspended mounting. There are two different panel light in the market, one is the edge-lit panel light. And the other is the back-lit panel light. Because of the cost saving, back-lit panel lighting is becoming the new choice for retail lighting applications.

LED Flat panel light features Brighter, lighter weight, easy to install for retail store owners.

Supermarket lighting and grocery store lighting

LED Linear batten strip light fixture is ideal Supermarket lighting and grocery store lighting solution. They can be single unit and continuous run in line to offer energy saving solution or brightness lighting choice. Brandon lighting has more than 10 years lighting manufacturing experience in the linear supermarket lighting and grocery store lighting. If you are looking for an economical lighting solution, this will be your good choice.

Brandon offers 4ft linear strip light and 8ft strip fixtures. Both are 3 CCT selectable and wattage selectable. DLC V5.1 listed for rebate.

LED linear lighting strip fixture

LED high bay grocery store lighting solution

LED Linear high bay fixture is a good choice as grocery store lighting and supermarket where have a high ceiling. Brandon high bay light experience starts from the T5HO and T8 linear tube high bay fitting. Our high bay fixture ranges from 50W to 500W. If you are looking for high bay and low bay lighting supplier, Brandon lighting will be your good choice with reliable quality and reasonable price.

Our high bay is available with high distance motion sensor and interior emergency solution as well.

grocery store lighting

LED convenience store lighting

LED convenience store lighting has a verify different lighting demand. It features low ceiling which means there are many choice and less limit than other store. The convenience store lighting can be batten strip light, wraparound ceiling fixture, linear architectural light or low bay and panel light. Brandon lighting factory offer a full range indoor fixture that suitable for convenience store applications. Our lighting business are free to offer private label service and OEM service.

LED pharmacy lighting supplier

Pharmacy lighting is very import for this special store application. The good pharmacy Lighting should be provided at an appropriate level for the task being performed as well as uniform to ensure there is minimal light contrast. While it is easy to overlook pharmacy lighting, it is just as important as lighting for an operating room. While it is important to maintain a high foot-candle level throughout the pharmacy, the color temperature is also extremely important for productivity. Most lighting in pharmacies are blue-rich temperatures, between 4000-5000K. Studies have shown this color temperature range increases productivity as it improves alertness and focus, but only for daytime workers.

The most pharmacy lighting choice include recessed flat panel light, soft linear architectural light.