Ultraviolet tube light fixture

Philips Ultraviolet tube light fixtures

With the outbreak of the epidemic, more and more customers are asking if we have UV LED light.

This UVC lighting fixture utilizes the traditional fluorescent fixture and Philips TUV UVC (germicidal) lamps and ballast.

Philips TUV T8 lamps are double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in professional water and air disinfection units. TUV T8 lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. Moreover, they have a long and reliable lifetime, which allows maintenance to be planned for in advance.



  • Robust steel housing with five star painted powder finish

  • Aluminum reflector

  • Length available in 451mm, 908mm and 1213mm

  • Reflective white finish improves retrofit efficacy


  • UL listed for damp location

  • RoHS Compliant


451mm length
908mm length
908mm length
1213mm length

General lighting Electrical:

  • Wattage: 15W/25W/30W/36W/55W
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC/120-277V AC
  • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K,5000K
  • Useful life: 9000H
  • Main Application: Disinfection
  • Color Code: TUV
  • Depreciation at useful lifetime: 10%
  • Mercury content: 2.0mg

Ultraviolet tube light warning:

Warnings and Safety: A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove
the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner. DANGER: Risk Group 3 Ultra Violet product. These lamps emit high-power UV radiation that can cause severe injury to skin and eyes. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product. Use only in an enclosed environment which shields users from the radiation.

Ordering info:

TUV 15W SLV/25 , Full product code 871150072617940,  Power (Nom) 15.9 W

TUV 25W 1SL/25, Full product code 871150064161840, Power (Nom) 25.5 W

TUV 30W 1SL/25, Full product code 871150072620940, Power (Nom) 30 W

TUV 36W SLV/6, Full product code 871150061854210, Power (Nom) 36 W\

ultravation uv light


What they say about our product

This “Integrated Mini LED High Bay Light” is a really bright LED light array with low operating costs and minimal heat.  It is lightweight, so it is easy to hang from any ceiling.

Eco-FriendlyFast / SpeedFunctionalGood Size & WeightHigh Quality of MaterialLooks GreatNice DesignStylishVery BrightWell Made

“I was impressed by this light by the light output. Given the smaller size of the fixture I was expecting significantly less light output”



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