What is the difference between LED edge-lit panel and back-lit panel LED lights

What is a LED panel light?

LED panel light a light to illuminate an instrument panellight source, light – any device serving as a source of illumination.

The LED panel light is designed to deliver general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, including schools, offices, hospitals and stores, and is the perfect choice for both new construction and retrofits. This high-efficacy luminaire provides long-life and uniform illumination, as well as standard 0-10 V DC dimming capability.

LED back-lit panel and LED edge-lit panel has been widely used in the interior application because of its advantages. The LED panel is the fixture that is making the largest contribution to energy savings in the corporate sector. The switch from fluorescent louvered ceiling grid units to LED is well underway, and growing rapidly thanks to tax breaks and other government incentives

1. Flexible in design
LED panel lights make it possible to benefit from the light distribution network. This makes it attainable for designers to create a kitchen or workplace format that takes a full journey of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

2. Super brightness
One major advantage of the LED panel light is the sealed design and high-quality reflective panels which lead to a super brightness. What is more, the panels made with aluminum frame and lighting conductive plates can provide even better luminance.

3. Less heat dissipation
LEDs are well known for their ability to dissipate less heat which indicates it energy consumption is very low. With proper heat dissipation, little heat will be generated, that’s perfect for those houses and office with limited space, that’s important especially in summer.

4. Long life span
Generally speaking, if well maintained, these led panel lights life span can reach to 80,000 – 100,000 hours, this means these led panel lights have the potential to last up to 27 years if the lights are lighting 7-8 hours per day.

5. Lighting Adjustment
Most of the LED panel lights give the choice to regulate the strength of the light which means the user can benefit from even soft, eye-friendly mild light and avoid the cruel, unpleasant light at any time if needed.

6. Anti shock
These LED panel lights are built to be shock resistant and not easy to broken. Many of the lights are manufactured in a tough resin or aluminum frame and not glass. Plus, this design also helps to resolve the high-temperature issue.

7. East to control
User can control the led panel light with an external controller, which achieve many effects, such as changing the level of brightness and color temperature.

8. Eco-friendly
Low consumption of the LED panel lights means they using an eco-friendly technology and may end up in a significant saving in electricity. And LED panel light causes minimal pollution throughout the manufacturing process. Also, there is no mercury contained in the LED panel light. A single led panel light output lumen is almost the same as using 6 fluorescent bulbs, which will able to lower down the high voltage requirements in house.

9.Ultra Slim

LED panel light is super thin, looks simple but stylish.


The principal advantage of LED panel lights is their customizability. Because of their thinness and the way that the LEDs are fixed into the panel itself, they can be shaped into almost any type preferred. These allow them to be used for applications where the use of traditional incandescent lighting would be difficult or impossible, like backlighting for molded bar tops.

11. Work well in an area with unstable electricity supply of voltage

No doubt that conventional LED lights are popular, but one of its serious drawbacks is that a single broken LED can have a considerable adverse influence on others nearby. With LED panels, this problem is much reduced due to a carefully thought out circuit design. Thus, panel lighting would be best option for the area where an electricity supply of stable voltage cannot be guaranteed. Using LED panels, there is no danger of overheating, unlike with incandescent bulbs, as LEDs have no thermal effect.

12.Ideal for installation where maintenance is difficult

The acrylic used for light panels is resistant to shocking and to many corrosive chemicals; also it can withstand hot and cold temperatures and humidity levels. This durability makes LED light panels perfect for installation in places where maintenance is not easy, for example, hard-to-reach areas which might require the closing of a building for the full replacement to be carried out. Here using LED light panels will lead to a drop in total costs.

What’s the difference between LED edge-lit panel and LED back-lit panel lights?

Direct-lit and Edge-lit LED Flat Panels are all the rage these days for retrofitting ceiling lighting. They are particularly ideal for replacing in-ceiling troffers, and they come in many common grid sizes like 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4. That is not all they are good for though. New LED technology allows these flat panels to be very thin, down to a half inch. That means they can be mounted to walls and ceilings or suspended from cables. This new technology allows versatility that has not been available in the past.

In Back-lit models, the light source is behind the panel and travels transversally through it. Let’s say, like an old fashioned “light box”. For a uniform brightness across the surface of the panel, you will need some distance between the light sources and the panel.

In edge-lit models, the LED chips are arranged on the inner edge of the luminaire. The light is then bounced downwards through a diffuser. Edge-lit was the most popular format in the LED panel category during the introductory stage of the LED lighting market. However, there has been a parting of the ways between models in terms of efficiency. The light source is around the panel, enters the panel on the side and “breaks out” across the surface of the panel. How the light breaks out you can design by treating the panel’s surface differently. Scratches or textures will emit the light in different ways. When designed properly, edge lighting means the whole thing is “flatter” (requires less depth) and still gives sufficient brightness across the surface of the panel.

Backlighting has proved the natural benefit of projecting light through less material. Edge-lit retains a share of the market where unit costs are a higher priority than running costs, and where there is an aesthetic preference. However, the real saving is in the lower operational costs delivered by backlit panels.

LED Back-lit Panel Pictures

LED back-lit panel supplier
LED back-lit panel supplier china
LED back-lit panel supplier china

LED Edge-lit panels pictures

LED back-lit panel price

Cons of Edge Lit LED Flat Panels

  • More expensive
  • Use slightly more power than direct lit panels
  • Not brightness enough
  • Looks cheap
  • Turn yellow after a period

Cons of Back Lit LED Flat Panels

  •  Thicker – these cannot be mounted to a wall or ceiling like edge lit LED flat panels
  • Light is not as even compared to edge lit LED flat panels

Does Brandon lighting offer the LED back-lit panels?

Yes, Brandon lighting provide the LED back-lit panels now.

The specification of Brandon’s LED back-lit panel light

The 2×2, 2×4 LED back-light panels design features three color selectable operation.  Switch between 3500K, 4000K and 5000K easily at the time installation.  This Back-lit panel family provides high energy-efficient direct illumination. The lightweight housing and slim design, measures only 1.5 inches in depth.  The integral j-box and driver housing provide ample access for easy installation. The fixture is constructed using stamped steel back plate that provides excellent LED cooling as well as contributing rigidity to the design.  The interior of the fixture is highly reflective white powder coated. The direct illumination panel  is ideal for use in offices, schools, healthcare facilities and other commercial applications. This 1×4 panel features 100-347V voltage operation with an electronic driver that works with 0 – 10 volt dimming systems.

Intended Use:
Provides illumination in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ideal for use in offices, hospitals, schools, retail, and workshops.

Convenient recessed mounting for drop in installation with standard grid ceilings. Panels can also be suspended with aircraft cable or wire (not included) to the attached clips. Clips can be folded over the “T” grid locking the light to the grid. Ideal for use in earthquake zones requiring seismic securing clips.

Powder coated, extruded aluminum frame ensures durability. High transparency opal polystyrene lens evenly distributes light with no glare.

UL, cUL, meets DLC 5.0 standards

LEDs have a 50,000 hour rated life span. Provides a color temperature of 4000K with a CRI of 80. 5,000 Lumens. 100 Lumens per Watt. 50 Watts. 0-10V Dimming.

LED Panel Light benefits:

  • Enhance aesthetics with an architectural grade design
  • Optimize light diffusion with no risk of yellowing over product lifetime
  • Enhance quality of lighting atmosphere over fluorescent
  • Save over 50% on energy consumption as compared to traditional fluorescent troffers

LED Panel Light from Brandon Lighting

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