Lighting by Applications

The LED linear fixture has been widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential lighting applications.

The major commercial lighting applications include office lighting, school lighting, parking garage lighting, shopping mall lighting, retail store lighting, gym lighting, sports lighting, hospital lighting, healthy care lighting, and other public lighting applications. The typical commercial lights include wraparound fixture, recessed troffer, slim panel light and architectural suspension light.

The industrial lighting applications include warehouse lighting, farmyard lighting, manufacturing lighting, NSF food processing lighting. Industrial lighting mostly utilizes strip light, vapor tight and high bay lighting fixture products.

Commercial lighting applications

meeting room lighting

Meeting Room Lighting

open office lighting

Open office lighting

reception lighting

Reception Lighting

reception lighting

Private office lighting

reception lighting

Lobby lighting

reception lighting

Open Area lighting

working area lighting

Working Area lighting

conference room lighting

Conference room lighting

Indoor architectural lighting

Indoor Architectural lighting

Classroom educational lighting

Classroom Lighting

libarary lighting

Library Lighting

educational lighting

Educational Lighting

library shelf lighting

Library shelf lighting

university lighting

University Lighting

university lighting

College Lighting

laundry room lighting

Laundry Room Lighting

kitchen room lighting

Kitchen Room Lighting


Restaurant Lighting

multi media room

Lecture Halls Lighting

basement lighting

Basement Lighting


Laboratory Lighting

parking garage lighting

Parking Garage Lighting

health care lighting

Health care Lighting


Treatment room Lighting

medical lighting

Hospital light fixtures


Hospital Bed luminaire


Patient Room Lights


Stairwell Lights


Corridor Lights

dining room lights

Dining Room&Common lighting


Fitness Lighting

training gym lights

Training Gym fixture


Athletic Club lights


Supermarket Lighting


Retailer Store luminaire


Dealership lighting solution


Pharmacy lighting