DLC listed 8ft LED Architectural luminaire

Brandon MX811-LD series architectural linear LED suspension lighting fixtures bring clean lines and clear light to commercial LED or residential lighting interiors. Our sleek, stylish fixtures are highly effective and efficient lighting solutions for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. Our Linear Lights are a stylish alternative to downlights. Linear lights can create a functional yet relaxing atmosphere and provide an even wash of light within a space.
Our Linear Lighting can be customized to your desired length, look & color temperature and can either be suspended, surface mounted or recessed to suit your needs. Linear lights are available to be dimmed and the color temperature can be interchangeable to allow for maximum functionality.


Surge protector

White painted parts are treated with a five-stage phosphate bonding process and finished with high reflectance baked enamel

Low profile design optimizes shipping, storage, and handing

Diffuser is secured continuously along luminaire sides

Shallow depth provides sleek, low-profile appearance

Performance engineered optical lens assembly delivers unique beam angles and reduces glare.

High quality LED Chips provide high efficiency, heat dissipation, stability, and lumen maintenance

Driver disconnect provided where required to comply with US and Canadian codes

May be surface or pendant(cable, hanging chain or stem kits)mounted

Class II driver, with 0-10V or Triac dimming

Closets/Storage rooms/Offices
Conference rooms/Retail
Reception areas/Hallways
Education facilities
Parking Garages