LED GYM lighting&fitness lighting applications

Sometimes we find ourselves in the gym for a healthy life, sometimes to have a muscular body, sometimes just to get rid of work stress. Especially with the consciousness about healthy life, Gym (Fitness Center) is getting more and more visitors every day. In the Gym, people are lookout for cleanlinesssporting equipmentscrowd and activity programs of the area. However, other important issues besides the general design and settlement are also lighting of those fields.

Lighting in gyms should support the athlete to work as concentrated. The ambient lighting in the gym must be sufficient to ensure the safety of the users. A good design of lighting may increase the appeal of the gym.

Gyms have special lighting needs. Using a good lighting is a must in order to keep athletes safe and focused. In the gym, which functions as a fitness center, light level in the range of 200-300 lux is required along with uniformity ratio of 0.8.

Gym Lighting fixtures should be replaced very carefully especially on sport equipment in order to prevent direct glareHigh light levels are required where sports equipment is located, but this shouldn’t be done with spot lights which may distract the user and dazzled the eye. In these areas, non-disturbing light sources that distribute the light more smoothly should be preferred.

Fitness room lighting require modern, slim and custom patterns. The LED linear suspended light can create these features for the fitness room lighting

L Corner shapes Suspended light for gym lighting design

gym lighting led (3)

Triangle gym lighting led

Triangle gym lighting design
lightning fitness
lightning fitness triangle

Cube square box gym lighting led

square box gym lighting
cube suspended gym lighting

Customized gym lighting LED

custom patterns lighting
gym lighting

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