Billda 20 Watts LED Emergency

Universal Input Voltage: 100 277Vac 50 60Hz – , /
AC Input Current: 100mA max.
AC Input Power Rating: 7.0W max.
Output Current and Voltage: 410-800mA 25V 48Vdc

Output Power: 20W
Emergency Time ≥1.5H
Full Warranty: 3 Years
Test Switch Indicator Light
Illuminated Test Switch, Red,Green,Yellow indicator Light Battery
LiFeP04 battery-12.8V/3000mAh
Battery Charging Current: 250mA
Charging Time: ≥24Hours

Temperature Rating Ambient: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Dimensions: 7.4”x1.5”x1.1” 188mmx38mmx29mm ( )
Weight : 1.2bs(0.55kg)

  • Meet most of safety standards for lighting
  • Standard CSA C22.2 NO.141 UL924
  • External LiFeP04 battery
  • Battery protections over charge protection over discharge protection short circuit protection
  • Indicator shows a variety working modes
  • Intelligent emergency automatic detection function
  • The batteries Meet 500 cycles of standard CH and standard DCH
  • Constant output power(Auto-sensing output within each range)
  • RoHS compliant

billda emergency

billda emergency driver

When using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:

Do not join battery pack connecter until all other wiring is complete and AC power is on.
Do not mount near gas or electric heaters.
Do not let power supply cords touch hot surfaces.
This LED Emergency Backup unit requires an un switched AC power source of 100 277Vac 50 60Hz The
AC driver must be on the same branch circuit as the LED Emergency Backup unit
– – , /
Do not use outdoors.
To prevent electrical shock only mate unit connector after installation is complete and before the
AC power to the fixture is back on
The electrical rating of this product is 100 277Vac.Installer must confirm that there is 100 277Vac the
fixture before installation
– –
Before installing make certain the AC power to the fixture is off , .
Risk of fire or electric shock.This LED Emergency Backup installation requires knowledge of luminaires
electrical systems.If not qualifed do not attempt installation.C , ontact a qualifed electrician.
Risk of fire or electric shock.Luminaire wiring and electrical parts may be damaged when drilling for
installation of LED Emergency Backup Check for enclosed wiring and com . ponents.
When using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed including
the following:
Equipment should be mounted in locations and at heights where it will not be subjected to tampering by
unauthorized personnel.
The emergency LED driver is for use with grounded,ULlisted LED luminaires,shall be enclosed by the LED
luminaire and bonded to the grounding of LED luminaire.
Verify that all replacement lamp types marked on the installed luminaire are also identified as suitable for
use with this emergency battery pack.
The battery pack is fied by the screw and the indicator lamp is attached to the shell of the luminaire by3M tape
The use of accessory equipment not recommended by the manufacturer may cause an unsafe condition.
Do not use this equipment for other than its intended use.
Use with grounded, UL Listed, dry or damp location rated fixtures