Top Canada commercial lighting suppliers guide

LED indoor lights play a very important role in the work and home lighting environment.

LED lights have prepared its way to provide wide applications in the light industry. You would probably know plenty of such ceiling lights that add up to the glow of your room. It is true that these led ceiling lights are definitely gaining popularity in major homes of our locality. Let us admit that normal ceiling lamps are being replaced by these LED ceiling lights.

There can be plenty of reasons why this kind of LED indoor lights are convincing homeowners and to top the list one can say for sure the aesthetic value it adds to a room when fixed upon the walls of the room.

Eurofase lighting

For the past 30 years, showrooms, designers, and architects have relied on Eurofase Lighting as their go-to brand for providing a diverse selection of high-quality innovative LED indoor lights. Statement Chandeliers, alluring Pendants, contemporary Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Lights, Vanity & Bath Lights, Track and Recessed lighting, Exterior fixtures, Cabinet and Display Lighting plus LED mirrors to name a few; for both residential and commercial applications.

As a leading lighting company serving multiple channels via the specialty lighting showroom, electrical wholesaler, home improvement stores, e-commerce websites and the interior design/architectural community, Eurofase Lighting offers products that deliver aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, and long-lasting tested quality. Depth in each category is extraordinary; for example, the exterior collection includes path lights, bollards, in-ground fixtures, underwater lighting, surface-mounted models, and more.

eurofase lighting

Main product:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Wall luminaire
  • Ceiling mount luminaire
  • Vanity&Bath lighting
  • Linear light systems
  • led indoor wall light

Cooledge lighting-led indoor lights supplier

Cooledge exploits the full potential of LEDs to fuse light with architecture itself. By supplanting bulbs and fixtures with fully luminous surfaces, we allow the design industry to rethink common spaces as highly customizable and dynamic environments – where illumination is the primary influencer on how we feel, work, shop and interact. Backed by proprietary technologies, award-winning products and thousands of installations, our vision is to give light a new role in the built environment; integral to design, unhindered by staid infrastructure and essential to our experience of space. Our innovative led indoor lights products and solutions have received international acclaim from lighting and design industries for advancing the art and science of light with groundbreaking solutions that, perhaps for the first time, truly unites form with function.

Cooledge lighting

T. +1-604-273-2665

Main product:

  • FABRIcated luminaires
  • Specialty illumination solutions
  • Tile interior light
  • Tile exterior lighting
  • TILE tunable white
  • LED indoor spot light
  • led indoor lights

SLS lighting group-led indoor spot light distributor

SLS is a BC Lighting agency providing quality Lighting and Control solutions and products for the design community. We represent a network of suppliers and manufacturers with product offerings that will perform functionally and aesthetically, in a way that contributes fundamentally to the overall design. Our committed team of lighting specialists helps initiate creative, progressive, and responsible illumination solutions for a large variety of applications including: hospitality, education, healthcare, residential, retail, institutional, municipality, industrial and commercial. Experience in the design process has also given the SLS team an acute understanding of the special challenges facing design professionals.

SLS lighting led interior light 12v

Suite 201 – 4599 Tillicum St. Burnaby, B.C. V5J 3J9



Main product:

  • LED indoor wall light
  • LE room lighting ideas
  • LED indoor spot light
  • LED indoor grow light
  • LED indoor flood light
  • LED interior light kit
  • 12V LED interior lights

BL lighting-

Providing innovative lighting solutions since 1986, BL Lighting manufactures specification-grade architectural lighting with a focus on dynamic, high performance, and sustainable, fiber optic, linear lighting, LED systems, and controls.

We provide complete support, and specialize in custom, tailor-made orders for architectural, hospitality, design-build, display, commercial and residential interiors or exteriors, and unique applications such as under-water, marine, extreme temperature, explosion proof, and more.

Our commitment is to explore and develop the latest of lighting technologies, to provide custom solutions, and ignite creativity in our clientele for all of their lighting endeavors.

Lighting should be functional, sustainable, and always beautiful. Lighting is our passion.

BL lighting

111 – 8838 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 3S8


 Toll Free +1-888-874-4405

Main product:

  • Flex Linear fitting
  • Rigid Linear
  • Optical Fiber
  • Luminaires
  • Controls

Lumenpulse lighting-led interior light kit supplier

Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Canada, Lumenpulse designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of high performance and sustainable specification-grade LED solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments.

While other LED lighting manufacturers have their roots in either electronics or traditional lighting, Lumenpulse’s distinctive combination of strong industrial design and electronics knowhow has enabled the company to innovate ahead of its rivals and to offer more options for sustainable interior and exterior lighting.

Lumenpulse products embody a design philosophy that respects the aims of lighting specifiers and the needs of the end-user. The company designs and manufactures its durable, high-performance fixtures in families to ensure that they are simple to specify and configure. Its luminaires offer a ‘crayon box of options’ – myriad choices of optics, colors, accessories and finishes – that allow designers to solve all types of lighting challenges from small office interiors to large stadiums and resorts.

The company’s design approach has been validated by significant commercial growth and industry recognition. In 2012, the company received a prestigious Red Dot Award for the design of its Lumenbeam LBX. Other recent accolades include an LFI innovation Award, two Next Generation Luminaires Awards, and several PIA awards from Architectural SSL magazine. Lumenpulse was also recognized as a Top New Growth Company in Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 in 2011.

lumenpulse lighting

1220 Marie-Victorin Blvd.
Longueuil, QC
J4G 2H9 CA
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T: 1.877.937.3003 | 514.937.3003

Main product:

  • Indoor architectural down light
  • Indoor cylinders light
  • Indoor spotlights
  • Track light
  • Lumenline
  • Lumencove
  • Lumenfaced Nano

Luminis lighting

1984 Industrial Designer and Founder Alain Cohen incorporates the company under the name Lutrex in Montreal, Canada. The company´s first successes come from the distribution of exclusive European luminaires and the custom manufacturing of commercial lighting solutions.

2014 Luminis release Syrios family of interior and exterior architectural LED luminaries

2016 New LumiSTIK architectural LED lighting family further expands the Luminis product offering. Consisting of a range of columns, bollards, pendants and wall mounted luminaires, LumiSTIK is suited for site lighting applications where the goal is to enhance public spaces.

Luminis, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, is an established manufacturer of contemporary specification grade indoor and outdoor lighting products. Combining timeless aesthetics and evolving technology, the company develops innovative luminaires that contribute to architectural intent while performing to the highest standards. Award-winning Luminis products are found in commercial, institutional, retail, and municipal applications and are available throughout North America. More information about Luminis is available at

luminis lighting

260 Labrosse, Pointe Claire QC H9R 5L5
514 683-3883
514 683-8872

Main product:

  • Color tunable lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Nlight air enabled
  • Syrios square pendant down light
  • Syrios square pendant up/down light
  • Scopo ground light
  • Lumistik pendant

Luminis lighting-Interior Architectural lighting supplier

Lumentruss is a company specializing in light-emitting diode (LED) technology installed in aluminum profiles. Our Montreal-based company manufactures and distributes a wide range of LED lighting design products worldwide.

Our story is one of impressive evolution and establishing a relationship of trust with our customers. The reputation of the company is forged thanks to each quality project realized in collaboration with our agents. We are proud to develop products on which our collaborator can count on for maximum performance and built with quality materials for years of durability. Based on solid technical knowledge, Lumentruss continually develops innovative products to meet everyone’s needs.

We are committed to producing products that you can count on for the utmost in performance and built with quality materials for years of durability. Our extrusions are manufactured in North American locations. The profiles, optics and accessories many other components are all fabricated by our skilled North American workforce with quality North American sourced steel.

lumentrust lighting (1)

9221, rue Edison
Montréal, Québec H1J 1T4

Phone: +855 384-3384

Main product:

  • Hospitality lighting
  • office lighting
  • Cove&mud-in lighting
  • Track light system
  • Down light
  • led indoor light strips
  • led indoor spot light

Ledalite lighting-A Philips lighting brand

Established in 1982, Ledalite is a Lean-certified manufacturer that adheres to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) principles in our 210,000 square foot North American facility. Our reputation as an innovator in lighting is built upon maintaining close relationships to the design community to provide valuable insights, which in turn drives our heavy investment in R&D. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality lighting solutions, featuring innovations that push the envelope, and a fit and finish that’s unique and inspiring.

Ergonomics in Light is a core value reflected in every product we release. We specialize in creating environments that are designed around how people see. We enhance visual comfort by making every space feel bright and natural. Investing millions of dollars in technologies like MesoOptics, coupled with numerous design awards, is a testament to the fact that when it comes to efficiency, we are always thinking about how we can do better.

ledalite lighting-signify company

Main product:

  • Lighting controls
  • Connected lighting(Lot systems)
  • LED lamps&tubes
  • LED drivers&ballasts
  • Horticulutre lighting
  • General purpose linear
  • Architectural linear
  • 3D printed lighting
  • Healthcare lighting

Brandon Lighting- A Canada LED indoor light supplier for indoor fixtures.