Top 10 Largest LED Lighting Manufacturers in the World

Acuity Brands

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA, United States


Revenue: USD 3.29 billion (FY 2016)

Acuity Brands is one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in the world, specializing in lighting, controls and daylighting systems in the world. It offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions suitable for every application and environment. The company’s diverse portfolio of lighting products caters to several industries including education, commercial offices, healthcare, hospitality, government, industrial, retail, residential, transportation, roadway, bridges, tunnels, sewer and dams. The company is focusing on developing new technologically advanced products such as solid-state LED lighting integrated with digital controls, organic LED lighting (OLED) and variety of LED-based lamps. The digital lighting systems manufactured by this company comes equipped with eldoLED driver technology which provides superior system performance, innovative features and a wide range of power levels.

Major Products brand: Aculux, Juno, Holophane, Indy, Hydrel and Peerless


Founded: 1987

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States


Revenue: USD 1.47 billion (FY 2017)

Cree is one of the largest LED lighting companies producing lighting class LEDs and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. Cree LED chips combine InGaN materials with its proprietary SiC substrates to deliver superior performance and high endurance for semiconductor devices and high intensity LEDs, which operate at high temperatures and voltages. Cree Inc LEDs are used in various applications such as indoor and outdoor general illumination, intelligent lighting, EV/HEVs and electronic signs. Cree smart lighting uses SmartCast Intelligence Platform, a lighting control system that combines intelligent luminaries with Internet of Things (IoT) and innovative apps and provides businesses with sensor rich lighting networks and data driven insights.

Key Products: C-Lite series, KR Series and ESA Series


Founded: 1911

Headquarters: Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Eaton lighting division delivers a broad range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting and control solutions. These lighting systems finds use in several applications including commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, utility and residential applications. The company is leveraging the latest technologies to help businesses and communities improve efficiency, reduce costs as well as protect the environment. The company offers a diverse line of connected systems such as ConnectWorks Connected Lighting System, DALI Lighting Control, Halo Home, ILumin Plus, LumaWatt Pro Wireless Connected Lighting System and WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System.

Key Products: All-Pro Outdoor, Ametrix, Corelite, Halo Commercial, Invue and Neo-Ray

GE Lighting

Founded: 1911

Headquarters: East Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Revenue: USD 1.99 billion (FY 2017)

As one of the world’s largest LED lighting manufacturers, GE Lighting is the lighting division of General Electric and specializes in creating optimal lighting solutions for homes. GE LED light bulbs are known for their high energy savings and durability. C by GE is a line of smart lighting products, having the functions, features and voice control of Amazon Alexa. These range of smart lamps have features such as visual timers and sleep/wake cycle support and can be controlled by voice. In 2015, GE launched TriGain technology which gives unmatchable colors to LED displays. In the same year, the company announced Current, which is an internal startup aimed at combining lighting, digital, solar and energy management technologies.

Key Products: GE LED, GE reveal HD+, GE relax HD, GE refresh HD, C-Sleep by GE and C Sol by GE

Philips Lighting/Signify

Founded: 1891

Headquarters: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Revenue: USD 8.1 billion (FY 2017)

Philips has long been one of the world’s most recognized LED lighting manufacturers. Philips Lighting has been officially known as Signify since May 2018. However, they can use the brand name “Philips” for their products until 2030. When Philips was founded in 1891, its plan was to provide cost-effective and reliable electric incandescent light bulbs for everyone. For over 120 years, Philips Lighting have been innovating to make people’s lives more comfortable and productive by offering high quality lighting solutions for public places, professional spaces and homes. By using a combination of patented technologies, Philips lighting systems can connect seamlessly with other digital devices, thereby benefitting the customer and the environment. Philips Hue is a wireless lighting system by which one can control the lights and create the right ambience for any moment. This line of connected lighting system works with a range of different smart devices and can connect with Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Homekit.

Key Products: Philips Hue, Philips LED Bulbs, Philips LED Tubes and Philips LED Spots

Find out Philips’ market share in the global LED Lighting market


Founded: 1919

Headquarters: Munich, Germany


Revenue: USD 4.9 billion (FY 2017)

Osram Opto Semiconductors is a subsidiary of Osram and specializes in the design and manufacturing of opto-semiconductor products including light emitting diodes (LEDs). The company use their extensive technological know-how to produce high quality products in the field of LED lighting, visualization and sensor technology. Osram LED general lighting is used in variety of applications including indoor, outdoor, horticulture and human centric lighting. Osram’s human centric lighting products helps in creating lighting that replicates natural daylight, thereby enhancing a person’s performance, comfort, health and wellbeing. The company also offers digital lighting systems that helps customers deliver smart building and IoT projects.

Key Products: Osconiq, Duris, Soleriq, Firefly, Synios and Topled

Nichia Corporation

Founded: 1956

Headquarters: Anan, Japan


Revenue: USD 2.42 billion (FY 2016)

Nichia is one of the world’s top LED lighting manufacturers in terms of revenue generated from the sales of LED packages. It designs and manufactures LEDs for displays, LCD backlighting, automotive and general lighting purposes. The world’s first white LED was developed by this company by combining yellow phosphor and blue LED. The company also produces UV-LED which is used in applications that require rigorous quality checks such as high precision curing, ink curing, bill checking, counterfeit detection and lithography. Nichia LED packages are characterized by high efficiency, flexible cluster configurations, and high luminous flux density. Nichia standard LED which has uniform spatial distribution, excellent temperature stability and lighting reproducibility, is developed in collaboration with Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Key Products: 585 Series, 757G-V3 Series, High Power series, COB Series, 3 in 1 Series and Optisolis.

Seoul Semiconductor

Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Ansan, South Korea


Revenue: USD 1.04 billion (FY 2017)

Seoul Semiconductor has more than 12000 patents related to LED lightings in its name, including EPI, packaging, optics and modules. The company has invested in research and development for the last two decades to develop package free LED technology, “WICOP” and AC driven LED technology, “Acrich”. The company’s SunLike LED technology replicates sunlight by replacing blue LED light source with a purple light LED chip. The company strives to provide its customers with safe and environment friendly products by strictly inspecting and managing all parts and raw materials used in their products.

Key Products: WICOP Series, 4040 Series, Acrich Modules, SunLike, Filament COB and DC Modules

Zumtobel Group

Founded: 1950

Headquarters: Dornbirn, Austria


Revenue: USD 1.51 billion (FY 2017)

Zumtobel Group manufactures professional indoor and outdoor lighting products, lighting management systems and lighting components for various applications including offices and communication, education and science, presentation and retail, hotel and wellness, art and culture, industry and engineering, and outdoor and architecture. Zumtobel’s AMPHIBIA line of lighting products is suitable for industrial applications where dust, moisture, chemicals and mechanical stress pose a constant threat to the lighting quality. The OPTOS range of LEDs combine recessed light source and carefully engineered lens optics to provide discreet and high-quality aesthetic architectural illumination.

Key Products: Arcos, Diamo, Intro, Panos, Amphibia and Optos

Everlight Electronics

Founded: 1983

Headquarters: New Taipei City, Taiwan


Known as one of the world’s largest LED lighting manufacturers, Everlight offers a wide range of product portfolio including high power LEDs, SMD LEDs, lamps, lighting components, LED lighting modules, digital displays, opto-couplers and infrared components for various applications. The street lighting products produced by this company have high brightness and over 80 CRI, thereby creating a comfortable environment. Everlight LED bulbs, tubes and candles act as omni-directional lighting source and are mostly used in indoor applications. The company’s horticulture LEDs can replicate sunlight and can be fine-tuned according to the specific needs of the customer.

Key Products: COB Series, Horticulture LED, UVA Series, Flash LED and LED Lamps

More Top LED lighting Companies you should know in 2022

RAB  Lighting Inc

Founded: 1946

Headquarters: New Jersey 07647, US


Revenue: $100 – $500 million

RAB Lighting is committed to creating high-quality, affordable, well-designed and energy-efficient LED lighting and controls that make it easy for distributors to sell, electricians to install and end users to save energy.

Founded in 1946, RAB has a vibrantly growing infrastructure of manufacturing facilities, and engineering capabilities that ensure great product design and quality.

Rab Lighting Inc. is located in NJ, United States and is part of the Industrial Control Products Manufacturing Industry. Rab Lighting Inc. has 240 employees across all of its locations. There are 4 companies in the Rab Lighting Inc. corporate family.

Key Products: Panels&Troffer, Cove lighting, Highbays, Washdown, Strips&Wraps, Surface&Flush mounts, Architectural, Stairwell, Undercabinet, Cylinders

Kichler Lighting

Founded: 1938

Headquarters: Independence, OH 44131


Revenue: $450 million(2017)

At Kichler Lighting, we’re more than just a lighting company. We’re a “bring people together” company. From our humble beginnings in 1938 to the global brand we’ve become today, our focus has always been strengthening and growing relationships—both the ones we foster with our customers and the ones our customers share with friends and family in the glow of our lights.

Kichler High-quality lighting products are a result of high-quality testing. We have the only class 4 lab in the U.S.—ensuring verified specifications and safety for each and every fixture we deliver. And, with geographically dispersed distribution centers, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get what you need when you need it.

Key Products: Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Sconces, Bath and Vanity, Downlights, Flush mount, Cabinet lighting, Commercial lighting, Step lights, LED Tape light&channels

Hubbell Lighting

Founded: 1963

Headquarters: Greenville, SC 29607


Revenue: $3670 million

Hubbell Lighting is elevating the lighting experience. Empowered by lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly into their environment, save energy, provide improved quality of light, deliver return on investment and armed with Hubbell’s unflinching support, its customers are able to think differently about how, where, and when they can use light. As one of the largest lighting fixture manufacturers in North America, it features a suite of brands that provide a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products serving the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets.

Hubbell lighting offer an unprecedented opportunity to gain cutting-edge lighting education in an environment that brings today’s most relevant lighting solutions to life. Our virtual education includes Hubbell University, with online education modules or self-paced study, and our recently launched Virtual University Education forum where instructors conduct live training which is centered around your needs and your schedule.

Our 25,000-square-foot lighting solutions center, located at our Greenville, SC headquarters, is engineered to present a total solutions approach to current lighting challenges and to evolve to meet the future head on. The facility is designed for both onsite and digital training to support our customers whether in-person or remote.

Hubbell lighting Brands” Alera lighting, Architectural Arealighting, Columbia lighting, Dualite, Litecontrol, KIM Lighting, Prescolite, Progress lighting 

Best Lighting Products

Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Pataskala, OH


Revenue: $43 million

Best Lighting Products, Inc. manufactures emergency and exit lighting products. It also offers emergency ballasts and recessed lighting products; and accessories, such as bubble guards, wire guards, remote lamp heads, and retrofit kits. The company serves OEM customers and OEM lighting suppliers around the world. It sells its products through retail locations and lighting manufacturers in the United States. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Pataskala, Ohio with an engineering and manufacturing facility in Guangdong City, China.

Best Lighting Products is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor LED lighting, life safety, emergency lighting and exit signs. No retail sales.
Best Lighting Products is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of LED, standard and custom emergency lighting and exit lighting signs in English, Spanish (salida sign) and other foreign languages. The product mix includes specific City of Chicago and Ney York City (NYC) approved exit lights. The latest LED products include the LED exit sign lamp combo, CLPU Lightpipe and DBEL outdoor emergency light. The company also offers emergency ballasts and recessed lighting products and accessories, such as bubble guards, wire guards, remote lamp heads, and retrofit kits. Founded in 1997 Best Lighting is based in Ohio, Ohio with an engineering and manufacturing facility in Guangdong City, China and serves OEM customers and OEM lighting suppliers around the world

Topaz lighting Electrical Fittings Manufacturer

Founded: 1985

Headquarters: NY


Revenue: $55.7 million

Topaz is not only the easiest company to do business with, but the friendliest too. Our caring, dedicated sales and customer service teams are always on standby to offer friendly tips and helpful advice for all your Lighting and Electrical Fitting needs.
As a leading manufacturer of Electrical Fittings and LED Lighting products, Topaz offers the latest in commercial and residential LED Lighting. Need help with energy-efficient LED Lamps and stylish LED Fixtures? Or how about durable, security-minded Outdoor Fixtures? You got it! Plus, all kinds of Steel Boxes and Electrical Fittings for any installation, and lots more—just ask.
After more than 30 years in the electrical manufacturer and lighting manufacturer industry, our commitment to quality products, friendly service and powerful solutions earned us a reputation as the easiest company to do business with in the industry.
From our world-class lighting products and electrical product selection, to our competitive pricing and overnight local delivery, provides more than just powerful solutions. Our fill rates are outstanding and our product quality is unsurpassed. Our large inventory and industry rewards make us a lighting and electrical manufacturer you can depend on.
Specialties: Lamp and Lighting Products, Fittings and Electrical Products, Recessed Downlighting and Fixtures, and LED Lamps

Nora lighting

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: California


Revenue: N/A

Nora Lighting is among the industry’s leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential applications. Nora products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality and new energy-efficiency standards and include an exceptional line of recessed, track, Rail, and multiple lighting systems, pendants, under cabinet, linear and accent lighting, emergency and exit lighting. Products include LED recessed architectural, commercial, residential and retrofit series, standard, high output, and color changing LED tape light, LED panels, LED lightbar, LED Undercabinet, LED puck, LED track and LED pendants. For over 30 years, Nora Lighting has been committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in quality, value, customer service and innovation. We are large enough to do it right, small enough to care
Specialties: Cylinders, Exit&Emergency, Linear&Accent, Monopoint, Multiples, Nora Rail, Pendants, Recessed, Step lighting, Surface, Track lighting

Halco lighting technologies

Founded: 1974

Headquarters: 2940 Pacific Dr, Norcro, Georgia 30071


Revenue: $220 Million

Founded in 1974, Halco Lighting Technologies® boasts a strong portfolio of lighting solutions including energy efficient lamps, ballasts and lighting fixtures. As a formidable leader in the electrical industry, the core of Halco’s strength lies in our commitment to quality, service and value.

This commitment is embodied in our Mission Statement:

Halco commits to being our customers’ first choice for lamps, ballasts and fixtures by providing the best value through quality products and excellent service with the highest level of integrity.

Our proficiency in energy efficient technologies and lighting expertise stems from our talented workforce and is supported by our in-house testing facility, Halco Lighting Laboratory. We stand behind our product reliability and dependability with our Quality Assurance program, which guarantees that we will provide a replacement or credit if our product does not perform according to specifications. With Halco your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dedicated Customer Care Specialists are your Halco personal support system. They are responsible for your full Halco experience – product availability, pricing, order fulfillment and technical support. For your convenience, we also offer a real-time online distributor portal known as MyHalco. Backed by our state-of-the-art enterprise system, MyHalco gives you the ability to  place and track orders and view transactions 24/7.

Halco lighting products: Lamps, ballasts, luminaires,

Westinghouse Lighting

Founded: 1946

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA


Revenue: $40 Million

Westinghouse Lighting is a family-owned business that was started in 1946, and is driven by the power of an American brand – Westinghouse. There is no other company like Westinghouse Lighting that carries a full line of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and lighting accessories with such a well-known and trusted brand.

New lighting technologies, changing energy/compliance regulations and a need for consumer education has raised the bar for all of us in the lighting industry. Since our beginning Westinghouse Lighting has remained committed to offering a full range of lighting products to meet emerging trends as well as the needs of the replacement market.

The personal touch and flexibility of a family business coupled with the power of a 130 year brand creates the perfect combination to meet all of your lighting needs!

Westinghouse Lighting is a leading manufacturer and marketer of more than 4,000 lighting products, including light bulbs, lighting  fixtures, ceiling fans, and decorative lighting hardware for consumer and commercial applications. The company was founded in 1946, in Philadelphia, as a small, family-owned business called Angelo Brothers Company. “It was my father and one of my uncles,” says Ray Angelo, current company President and CEO. “They thought they were starting a paint and hardware store. Through a number of twists and turns, a lot having to do with the booming economy after World War II, they wound up wholesaling lamp parts and that became their niche, through the 40s, the 50s, and into the 60s – selling all kinds of lamp parts, glassware, and lighting hardware for both repair and replacement purposes.”

Westinghouse lighting products: lighting, ceiling fans, bulbs, portable fans

WAC Lighting

Founded: 1984

Headquarters: Port Washington, New York


Revenue: N/A

For over thirty-five years WAC Lighting has operated at the forefront of emerging technologies. Now a second-generation owner-operated company, WAC Lighting continues to elevate the industry in design and manufacturing by challenging conventions and building sustainable products responsibly.

While other manufacturers offshore outsource everything from design and assembly to customer service, WAC chooses to build from within. Over the years, our investment in electronics development, research and test laboratories, and manufacturing facilities has culminated into a unique and unparalleled world-class brand. Since the early-2000s we have been over 90% self-sourced across the board as a vertically integrated operation from research and design to the fabrication of the smallest components within our luminaires.

As a design-and-build manufacturer, we build long-term relationships with lighting designers, architects, and distributors by solving the challenges they face with creativity and innovation. Over the years, professionals have entrusted us to provide them with cutting-edge technology made accessible to most lighting budgets through a variety of options.  Our award-winning portfolio of architectural products, decorative lighting, and landscape lighting focuses on addressing known problems or meeting unfulfilled needs with lighting solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality settings.

With our 5 year warranty, we stand behind our quality LED lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. We are also deeply committed to ecologically sensitive manufacturing, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and service in our local and global communities. Join us as we strive for a better and more beautiful future.

WAC lighting products: Ceiling light, wall light, recessed light, tape lighting, track lights, under cabinet light, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting

More Top lighting companies list to be continued.

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