LED gymnasium lighting buying guide 2021

This blog will bring you to understand what is the LED gymnasium lighting and what we should consider before buying the gymnasium lighting

What is LED gymnasium lighting?

LED gymnasium lighting is the LED lighting fixture products that used in the sports facility includes gym, athletic center, fitness club, squash courts, hockey rinks, tennis courts, fitness center, health spa and more. The LED gym or LED gymnasium lighting plays a very important role in player performance, and enhance the action of the game as well as the viewing experience for the fans. When we design and install the lighting fixture, they are many factors we should consider includes but not only includes the below elements. Light levels, distribution, color temperature, lighting shapes,  and mounting height.

Not matte where which application, all of them need sufficient light to improve the gym experience – People also need to feel safe and focused within these buildings to enhance their productivity and feeling or they won’t come again.

How to choose the right LED gymnasium lighting?

This will mostly depend on the ceiling height of the applications. For high and large open spaces of athletic facilities, we will suggest hanging the LED high bay fixtures. The LED high bay lights feature high efficacy, low wattage, easy installation, and intelligent technology such as sensors. For these LED gym lighting, we need to consider the lifespan and safety because they are installed in a very high ceiling, which is difficult and expensive to maintain. The good gym LED lighting dramatically reduces the need for maintenance or replacement, thanks to a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. Additionally, since LED lighting generates only a fraction of the heat produced by traditional lighting sources, the gymnasium lights will also reduce the load on air conditioning systems, resulting in further savings.

LED gym high ceiling light applications

LED high bay light includes the LED linear high bay and UFO high bay fixtures.

The LED high bay can deliver high efficacy at least 130 lpw. The wattage ranges from 100W to 500W which means the lumens range from 13000lm to 65000lm, it can meet most gym lighting applications with high brightness. LED high bay pricing are very low now even compared to the traditional fluorescent high bay, metal high bay, the pricing still has some advantages.

LED low ceiling gym light applications

The low ceiling gym lights normally includes the fitness facility area and health club. These applications don’t require high lumens output but has more high request for a better appearance of the lighting fixture products. For this kind gym lighting application, we will normally recommend the LED linear architectural products. They features

The LED linear architectural providing a unique atmosphere to any space, to building an atmosphere that fosters efficiency, suspended lighting solutions do it all. They also provide uniform light distribution, drive performance, and enhance productivity to ensure maximum efficiency without the risk of improper lighting, thus smoothening everyday work performance. With their abundant benefits and applications, Suspended Luminaires are certainly the one-stop lighting solution for any fitness lighting applications