Top LED office lighting fixture suppliers

LED indoor lights play a very important role in the work and home lighting environment.

LED lights have prepared its way to provide wide applications in the light industry. You would probably know plenty of such ceiling lights that add up to the glow of your room. It is true that these led ceiling lights are definitely gaining popularity in major homes of our locality. Let us admit that normal ceiling lamps are being replaced by these LED ceiling lights.

There can be plenty of reasons why this kind of LED indoor lights are convincing homeowners and to top the list one can say for sure the aesthetic value it adds to a room when fixed upon the walls of the room.

XAL lighting-office lighting LED supplier

For 30 years, XAL has been working with lighting designers, architects and planners to develop custom luminaires of the highest technical standard, which impress with their style and aesthetics. There is always one goal: to push the boundaries of the technically feasible, enabling visionary designs. We can meet this challenge because our employees in our design labs as well as production and sales locations around the world deliver top performance. Being on-site for our customers is essential for mutual success. Thanks to organisational efficiency and high inhouse production depth, we can tailor our response to the needs of our customers and continuously expand our existing product portfolio. Meeting seemingly impossible challenges is our daily motivation and inspiration. From novel concept to luminaire innovation: a path created by crossing borders.

XAL Office lighting line:

  • Recessed luminaires
  • Semi-recessed luminaires
  • Surface luminaires
  • Suspended luminaires
  • Wallwasher
  • Recessed spotlights
  • Suspended spotlight

XAL Suspended office lighting Luminaire housing made of extruded aluminium profile; light tight final end caps made of aluminium; no visible screws; angular design; surface grey powder coated; suitable for wall or ceiling mounting; luminaire profile with pre-assembled converter unit can be pre-mounted on site; remaining lamp components mounted without tools; light colour 4000 K; binning initial MacAdam ≤ 3 SDCM; CRI ≥ 80; min. 90% of luminous flux after 50000 operating hours; energy efficient LEDs with high CRI; HPO (High Performance Opal) cover for uniform illumination; due to special material composition with increased transmission and diffusion; + 15% luminous efficiency compared to standard opal covers; degree of protection IP20; PC1 220-240V; photobiological safety according to IEC62471 risk group RG 0 – no Risk; internal wiring in light halogen free; incl. DALI-2 converter; light source replaceable by an authorized professional; control gear replaceable by an authorized professiona

XAL suspended office lighting

Wipro Suspended lighting-office light design

Wipro Lighting has an extensive network of 35 branches across the country, with over 400 dedicated stockists who help in delivering seamless services to our esteemed customers. We provide application-specific solutions through customised products to meet customers’ needs perfectly. We have a team of highly-qualified, well-experienced Lighting Design Professionals and Application Experts who that understand and deliver optimum lighting solutions as per our clients’ requirements. Having our own manufacturing units enables us to experiment and innovate with technology. LED office lighting have redefined the rules of luminaire design and have given us the opportunity to present light in new and exciting forms.

Wipro Online SLEEK | SLIM | SEAMLESS Suspended luminaire is exposed ceilings and transparent walls for open plan offices is a concept highly advertised by many technology innovators. This trend has opened up the door to linears and other forms of suspended luminaires. The open ceiling space concept in interior design responds to people’s natural need for space and freedom and also it extends on a vertical plane.

Wipro Lighting introduced OnAir which is a linear suspended edgelit luminaire with low glare light. It provides full diffused glow and excellent lighting quality, that is topped up with high uniformity and higher luminaire efficacy, UGR<19.”

office light design

GE hanging lights for office

GE Current, a Daintree company, makes the future brighter by delivering the most sustainable and highest-quality connected lighting solutions. We partner with our customers to create uplifting environments that are safer, more efficient and make a positive impact. Our roots date back to 1879, when Thomas Edison invented the first practical incandescent lightbulb. He established the Edison General Electric Company a few years later. We have never stopped building on Edison’s legacy and are always enhancing spaces with advanced lighting and intelligent controls. With our divestiture from GE in 2019, and the acquisition of Hubbell Lighting in 2022, we remain committed to the commercial lighting industry and investing like never before to make the future of lighting brighter.

Current’s Commercial suspended indirect/direct fixtures with its patented narrow-band red emission, provides best-in-class color & efficiency. With trends in color quality towards preference in fidelity & saturation, ANSI/IES TM-30 provides an alternative to CRI. Few light sources can meet the criteria in TM-30 Annex E, and TriGain® technology stands alone as the only to do so with high efficacy. The Lumination hanging lights for office series luminaires are available as stand-alone 4-foot or 8-foot fixtures or longer continuous runs. Continuous runs have quick electrical and mechanical connections, making installation easy while keeping the runs straight. End caps have two aesthetic options to choose from in bull nose or spade.

hanging lights for office

AXIS lighting-office ceiling lights

AXIS lighting is a professional Canadian Architectural lighting manufacturer.  Axis lighting deliver high-performance LED luminaires for general, ambient and task lighting in offices, as well as in commercial and institutional spaces. We’re known for being forward-thinking and innovative, and always on top of the latest architectural design trends. With leading-edge developments like SurroundLite® technology, SoftZone® acoustic lighting, Pose® ribbons of light, Stencil®Sculpt™ Geometric Lighting solutions, Cove Perfekt™Axitune™, integral drivers and many more.

Axis BEAM 4 complete linear lighting toolbox features a streamlined linear form factor designed for maximum versatility. It is available in multiple mountings, including recessed, pendant, surface, wall, vertical and perimeter, enabling you to create cohesive designs that unite the space. Optics can soften light, prevent glare, enhance visual interest of the light source and combine with LED modules to produce high-performance lighting. The Beam family offers a wide selection of optics and distributions, including SurroundLite™ and the all-new BATWING, NARROW and GRAZE distributions. With their superior flexibility, Beam products create a balance between esthetics, visual comfort and lighting performance. Expand the possibilities of linear lighting with unique patterns featuring fully illuminated corners. From funky designs to continuous runs, bring your imagination to light with the versatility of the Beam family of linear luminaires.

Beam4 office ceiling lights

AXIS lighting product line:

  • Architectural troffer
  • Architectural cove
  • Architectural downlight
  • Architectural patterns&forms
  • Architectural pendant
  • Architectural perimeter
  • Architectural recessed
  • Architectural surface

HEW-4″ Wide Linear Recessed

The Williams family is in its third generation of company leadership. Over the years, the technology has evolved, but our values have not. We still manufacture products at our production facility in Carthage, Missouri, where it all began in 1921.

As an independently-owned American manufacturer, we are simply easier to do business with. We personally and quickly respond to you with answers. We build and ship products with your schedule in mind, and our long-standing promise to produce quality fixtures means fewer field service issues. After 100 years, we’ve found no better way to meet your standards and ours.

The Williams extensive suite of continuous lighting solutions is designed to provide uninterrupted, low-glare illumination while enhancing the architecture of any space.

  • Maximize energy savings with products sporting efficacies as high as 120 lm/W
  • Simplify layout design and quickly order with the Williams Linear Product Builder
  • Choose from ambient, perimeter and cove styles to create elegant, modern spaces
  • Enable smart building integration with PoE connectivity
  • Create rich environments with Tunable White and Tunable Color

The power of light and architecture combine to create polished, contemporary spaces with the Williams MX system. The 2″ and 4″ narrow apertures provide smooth, seamless illumination with high-performing, energy-saving LEDs. Imagination has no limits, with recessed, surface, suspended, wall, recessed wall, and corner mounting, a cohesive – yet unique – design has never been easier

office ceiling lights

Focalpoint office pendant light

For more than 25 years, Focal Point, a brand of Legrand, has brought it all to light with beautiful, efficient luminaires and acoustic solutions that stand the test of time, human-centric technology, and a commitment to being easy to do business with. We are vertically integrated, Chicago-based architectural lighting and integrated acoustical systems manufacturer and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services to those who specify and install them. Because we’re separated by hallways and not highways, we control the process from conceptual design, to engineering, to manufacturing, through to shipping. As a result, we provide superior quality, customization capabilities, and quick answers, all from right here, in the middle of America. In February 2020, we were acquired by Legrand, a global leader in electrical, digital building, and data center infrastructures as part of their Lighting Sector. Part of French-based Legrand Group, Legrand North and Central America (LNCA) is the company’s largest division with more than 6,500 employees and $2.9b in sales across the residential and non-residential markets. Legrand transforms the spaces where people live and work, through innovative products and solutions that deliver and manage power, light and data.

Narrow extruded aluminum 4″ linear direct LED.
Individual units and continuous runs in 1′ increments.
Frosted acrylic lens provides uninterrupted illumination, without pixels or shadows.
LED position and lens material optimized to provide the perfect blend of high performance and visual comfort.
Choice of output levels to meet a wide variety of application needs.
Connected Solutions: Integrates with wired and wireless building lighting control systems.
Preferred Light: Lighting for better color rendition and human preference.
PoE compatible: Integrates with Power over Ethernet lighting systems via standard, low-voltage wires.


    Makes an exceptional aesthetic statement in conference rooms, private offices, reception areas and other high-end applications where a small profile is required.

seam 4 office pendant light

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