Asymmetric lighting VS symmetric lighting-Defective Guide

Asymmetrical lighting or symmetrical light distribution? This is a question that confused us when we are choosing the LED lighting, we are confused about what is the difference between asymmetrical and symmetrical light distribution? This blog will help you understand the definition of the asymmetrical and symmetrical light distribution? And help you to know which should you choose for your application and how to educate your customer.

Chapter 1: What is symmetric lights?

Symmetrical light sources distribute light evenly in all directions. This type of light beam is recommended for both general lighting of large spaces and accent lighting for visual tasks. The symmetric version light is an evenly distributed floodlight for wide area applications.

Chapter 2: What is asymmetrical lighting?

Asymmetrical light sources distribute light not evenly in all directions. The asymmetric light beam has integrated advanced optics that allow to direct the light beam to a selected area. The most common fixtures are known as “reflectors” or “parabolic reflector” as they make use of a mirrored surface able to reflect and concentrate the light beam. This means that with asymmetric fixtures it is possible to achieve the same visibility of traditional fixtures with significantly lower energy costs. The light emission is not wasted on areas where it is not needed. By doing so, this light technology has reduced the number of light sources needed for the general lighting of a space.

The asymmetrical light sources can be used in a wide range of application areas, both indoors and outdoors such as gyms, theaters but also stadiums, parkings and streets. While symmetrical lights produce both direct and indirect glare, asymmetrical fixtures are designed to lower indirect glare and reduce sharp shadows. When installed in workplaces, it facilitates the transition from dark to light spaces, allowing eyes to work under a comfortable light. Therefore, when asymmetrical light is used in stadiums, for instance, the overall lighting will be friendly to not only the players but also to the audience.

The asymmetrical lighting is ideal for concentrating the light beam in one direction. Therefore, it can be an efficient solution for offices, as it does not produce direct glare that can cause eyestrain with protracted exposure.

Chapter 3: The history of asymmetrical lighting

The Asymmetric light first fixture developed in the 1960S, it is intended to produce an even wash of light across entire plane.

Chapter 4: The LED asymmetrical lighting fixture 2020


EDGE EVOLUTION 3 Wall Wash is the next generation in Pinnacle Lighting’s Edge family. The LED product is designed to create a seamless beam of light with exceptional optical control for uniform, shadow-free illumination from the ceiling to floor. With a standard and high output lumen package, the wall wash can be utilized in higher ceiling applications and allows closer ceiling to wall installation distance of 12”-18” rather than the traditional 18”-24”. The optical reflector system snaps into the 3” wide housing but the actual aperture opening is a mere 1” wide for minimal disruption to the ceiling.

Windirect Linear Cantilever 802L, Asymmetric LED Linear Wall Washer from Winona Lighting

Extruded aluminum housing, optional clear acrylic lens,
die-cast end caps with stainless steel hardware.
LED lumen packages provide high performance
asymmetric distribution in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K color
temperature options. Components are designed to be
serviceable and replaceable.
L80 >60,000 hours at 25C ambient temperature.
Advanced asymmetric optical system optimized for
LED source and arrayed for specific lumen output
and distribution.
6 stage pre-treated polyester powder coat painted finish.
All hardware is stainless steel

ASYX 2.0 LED Asymmetric Luminaires-AMETRIX

The ASYX 2.0 is a full line of scalable, asymmetric, LED lighting solutions, covering a range of lumen outputs and wattages needed for architectural indoor and outdoor spaces. The ASYX 2.0 uses the industry’s highest output LEDs in conjunction with Eaton’s lighting technologies and innovative platforms: Innovation you can rely on. The ASYX 2.0 features sophisticated mechanical design, widelumen range, low wattages, multiple distributions and mounting options, and standard color temperature ranges. The ASYX 2.0 is ideal for both new construction and retrofit solutions to HID equivalents, in a compact and efficacious package


Narrow extruded aluminum 4″ aperture recessed asymmetric LED luminaire.
Integrates with ceiling in a variety of mounting styles for a clean, unobtrusive aesthetic.
Individual units and continuous runs in 1′ increments.
Flush frosted acrylic lens provides uninterrupted illumination.
Concealed LEDs provide the perfect blend of performance and visual comfort.

Beam 4 Recessed Asymmetric-Axis Lighting

Edge Evolution Wall Wash takes wall washing to new heights using a seamless beam of light with exceptional optical control for uniform, shadow-free illumination from ceiling to floor. With standard and high output lumen packages, the Wall Wash can be utilized in higher ceiling applications and also allows a closer installation distance of 12” to 18” from the wall, rather than the traditional 18” to 24”. The aperture opening is a mere 1” wide with a 1/2” kicker for minimal disruption to the ceiling plane.